My Actifit Report Card: December 4 2023

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It's windy and rather warm at 59 degrees as I am writing this. It has been windy and rainy most of the day, and the solar panels put out 0.7 kWh. I think that is about as low an output as I have seen it.

I took a long nap this afternoon and ended up with almost ten hours of sleep. That's a bit unusual for me. I thought about going down to the park and doing some disc golf, but I was feeling a bit tired even though the Fitbit gave me a 78 or excellent readiness score.

I did do a bit of cleaning around the house, and Doggie got his usual walk.

They are expecting some flooding on the local river. When that happens, both of the nearby disc golf courses can get washed out. Last time, a lot of the turf tee pads got washed downriver, and some of them could not be found. Hopefully, things won't get that bad this time, but it is what it is.

Christmas lights:

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Windy 🌬 outside and taking long nap inside is really enjoyable as I have experienced. I appreciate one thing about honestly you are cleaning your 🏠 always @lightsplasher

I hope we do not get any flooding, they are calling for it up here as well!!!
Stay safe my friend glad you had a Fitbit ready to score of 78 that's much better!!😄

Just 0.7kWh? The steady rain that feel most of the day must have hindered the sin from coming up and thereby not enabling the solar to get much energy.

Where we are today, the weather is also cold and cloudy from morning to evening ..

It looks like you had a comfortable day despite the varying weather. Good decision to take care of Doggie and clean the house. Stay alert for potential flooding, hopefully the disc golf course will not be affected. How are the Christmas lights around you?😊

It looks like today's weather is very cold there and windy. With weather like this, your solar panels will definitely not work well and emit little energy.
A calm day to rest and sleep for a long time, it seems like Christmas lights have also been installed in your area in several places

For me, it is more important to sleep when it rains because the weather is very hot at that time and if the sunlight is not in the sky then it is not possible to generate electricity from the solar panel. To be able to generate electricity.

At the same time, your photography is very beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful photography with us.

Reasons you have friend @lightsplasher to stay at home, already in the beginning of Christmas, with rain and I consider with much cold, however your pet always in his walk. May you have good health this December, my friend. Thank you for your visits and your appreciation to my publications. Best wishes.


Merry Christmas in advance 🎉🎉🎉. !AFIT

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Good morning friends and congratulations to friends in carrying out today's activities.