My Actifit Report Card: December 5 2023

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It was another rainy day today. It did not rain hard, though. Doggie and I went for a walk, but that was about it for exercise.

My friends and I are planning to play disc golf in the morning tomorrow. There should be less rain, hopefully.

Live Christmas tree:

This pine tree has been getting bigger and is so large that the usual artificial tree no longer fits. It is nice to have a real tree that survives the season. At some point, it might get too big for the house, but I think that will be in the distant future if ever.

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Consecutive rain, feeling good and doing exercises is not everyones cup of tea. Unlike me only taking long nap when it is raining @lightsplasher

Beautiful Christmas tree my friend!😄
They are now saying no rain for tomorrow....... Maybe the weatherman will be correct Lol!!!😄

I see Christmas light surrounding the pine tree. Looks like preparation has begun.

Christmas is near
Another time of the year to actually spread love around. This is actually awesome

Rainy weather provides a calm feel. Walking your Doggie is a great way to stay active. Hopefully the weather tomorrow supports plans to play disc golf with friends. A live Christmas tree adds a special natural touch to the home; maybe one day it will be a sweet memory when the tree grows too big to fit in the house.😊

the rainy weather is an obstacle for you playing golf and you use that time to walk with your dog. Hopefully the weather will be brighter tomorrow and you can play golf again with your friends.

I agree with you, having a live pine tree is a pleasant thing because it will survive for a long time even though it will slowly grow but it will take a long time

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Very nice pine tree, is very special to decorate at Christmas, in the state of Monagas - Venezuela, there are huge pine plantations, many people come to these areas to seek for Christmas, is a very lush tree with large branches, especially to decorate them at this time. I congratulate you friend @lightsplasher for having it there, which makes life very happy.
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Thank you for sharing this activate and photography

Your photography of the lights is really very cool in color


In the area where I live, it has always rained and the weather has been cold for some time

Beautiful living tree.