Learning a Secret Exercise for Good Organ Health?

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Yes, you have heard it right!

With all the cookies and overeating during festive season of the Lunar New Year, though those who celebrate with feast after feast enjoys both the satisfaction and good company, but it is actually an overdrive work for the internal organs.

Fortunately, the seniors from @evergreen.min feels the same and is concerned for the seniors' wellbeing and they shared this interesting video that not only helps curb the exhausted internal organs to process food over junk food, it I'd also great for overall good health especially those who aren't moving around much.

I personally have tried with my elderly parents and we do realise the "bowel massage" is at least helping my mom and myself for a smoother "big business" at the toilet 🚻 😅, and I do realise this is a great way to wake up the body too if done in the morning, especially those who easily feel cold due to slow / bad blood circulation.

Your body would already feel warm and even sweating if you are in a warm environment.

It's great to give it a try!

In the meantime, my hospital run continues!

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Wow, it's like I will try this bowel massage for my mom too. Emm, myself also need it since it can help me to do my toilet business very well because am the type that can freely stay for good 2 weeks without doing any business with toilet

Oh wow. At first I was wondering why your bowel movements are so slow, but when I visited your latest post I realised that you live in a stressful environment to the point you don't have enough time to eat even.

My dear, it's not all that easy for me o. And it's affecting my blog. And the worst of it all is the inability of power suppliers to supply us with electric light. That's why powerbank is so costly here.

But, it's like the bowel stuff is natural. Yea


Photos are taken with my Samsung A23

Good if this exercise is helping you to have smooth pass motion. 👍