My Actifit Report Card: August 11 2022

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I need to trim that one tree branch Honey!😊
See that HUGE Cottonwood tree in the first photo…….
Now look at the second photo it’s gone!😳
I have told my skydiving youngest son that I can’t see any reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane Lol!🤣
The same thing holds true for the brave ( or partially crazy ) men that strap spikes on their boots and climb tall trees with running chainsaw’s!😳
Rawls is a local tree service, these men are all timber loggers, they discovered they can make an extremely good living trimmer and felling dangerous trees.
Our neighbor Jan scheduled them to come out and take down this large Cottonwood tree.
A crew of at least five Men arrived at 8:00 AM.
Silvertop has one tree by my creek that has been worrying me………
I talked to the lead man and he said that they would take my tree down while they were here as well!😊
I noticed that they were all wearing steel hard hats………that’s a good idea!😬
Silvertop couldn’t go for a morning hike, and I felt like I needed to be available when they came up for our tree, so I “road walked “ Lol, staying close to home!😇
Maybe an evening hike with Liz🥰
I stopped to brew a Latte, and I heard chainsaws running in my front yard!
They were fast at work on my tree!
“ Do you guys mind Silvertop snapping a few photos?”
Check out @elizabethbit for more photos!
“Sounds good Silvertop!”😊
The lead logger told me Jan’s Cottonwood tree was a bit spooky, it was partially rotten.
It definitely looked a bit spooky from Silvertop’s vantage point on the ground!😳
I watched my tree, that was already leaning badly, sway back and forth with this man at the top!😮
Within minutes this dangerous tree was in pieces on the ground!
David from the tiny house said……..
“ Peace of mind Silvertop!”😇
“Most definitely my friend, I will keep getting my @actifit steps ……On the ground!”
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Yes indeed it looks way Scarier than anything I am going to do these days!
And really I have not seen trees this tall since the '90s!
Stay Safe and Blessed!
Have a Wonderful Friday!

I completely agree with you....WAY too scary!😳
I guess it's all the Winter rain we get, it is common to find Cottonwood trees this tall in the Northwest.
Take care, and have a wonderful evening my friend!!!😀

And I thought the 20 foot Cottonwood was tall!
Thank You and do the same!

I will stay on the ground @silversaver888!😇