CHEERS!😀.......................... Actifit Report Card: December 3 2022

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Today was the day to decorate the Christmas tree !!🤗
Liz enjoys decorating, so Silvertop just watches, and helps with the tree topper star!😇
Be sure to check out @elizabethbit post for the completely decorated Christmas tree!🥰
Out came three tubs of decorations………..
These were marked “2021 USE FIRST”☺️
Many more tubs Silvertop left up in the garage attic Lol!🤣
Raising three children, you amass a lot of “Special” Christmas ornaments and decorations!😳
Cot’s handmade ornament made by our Daughter in law Agi, was one of the first to go on the tree!😻
Silvertop also just received his “Secret Santa” gift from a fellow member of #silvergoldstackers .
It was marked “Secret Santa Silvertop AKA Mike the lumberjack “😊
“Silvertop open your Secret Santa gift as soon as you receive it!”…………………
I carefully opened just the outside box as instructed.
For the present, you will need to wait till Christmas, and Silvertop will put out a “Special” silvergoldstackers post!🤗
Well ……….it’s about time Silvertop Lol!!😇
Liz was feeling much better today, so she and Jan joined me for today’s hike!
“How cold is it outside Silvertop?”
Thirty eight point one degrees Fahrenheit Liz!
Silvertop loves the new WiFi indoor and outdoor thermometers, now I can check the temperature anywhere, from my IPhone!😊
We hiked up the steep hill that yesterday someone tried to drive up………
Unlike our neighbors car, we all made it to the top!😅
Liz and Jan finally undecorated the “ Halloween tree”, it will soon be decorated again and will become the “Christmas tree!”🤗
“Almost sundown Liz, time to head home”🥰
“Liz, I think Secret Santa left something for you in the package as well”………
“You will need to wait for Christmas too!”🥰
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It was a good and productive day for sure! It was great to finally get back to going for a hike. I did miss it!

Now, just where did I put those decorations for the tree on the trail?.............................😏


Cheers! That's a nice drawing of Cot! So sweet of Agi!
We will all open our Secret Santa on Christmas Day! YAY!!!

Some will open their presents and find socks.....
Others will find jewelry.........
But silvergoldstackers will find the best gift's....... Precious metal from friends from around the World!😀😇🤗


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Today was the day to decorate the Christmas tree !!🤗
Liz enjoys decorating, so Silvertop just watches, and helps with the tree topper star!😇

It’s like at our house hahahah thanks the blog

Lol......Sounds like "us guys" have this decorating all worked out !😇😀