ALL AHEAD SLOW! 😀 ................................ Actifit Report Card: November 30 2023

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All ahead slow!!😳
Just like day and night, the blue skies of yesterday, turned into storm clouds piling up along the Cascade Mountains today!😮
I passed David my neighbor at the tiny house, on today’s hike.
“ Silvertop did you hear, we are going to have an “ atmospheric river!”🙄
This is new “ shock and awe “ terminology! 🤣
“ I have my raincoat on my friend no worries!”
Silvertop’s translation…………
Heavy rain coming Lol!😅
David was busy splitting firewood for the wood stove that Silvertop helped put in this Summer…………
I continued hiking uphill, as I watched a steady stream of smoke coming out from his chimney.
I’m sure he is happy that we beat the rain with this installation!😀
Construction workers with heavy equipment have been busy working further up the road.
I could hear a diesel motor idling………
I rounded the bend in the road, only to see this full-size excavator teetering precariously on this hilltop, with half the track in mid-air !😬
It quite a steep drop on the other side of this hill!
No one was in the cab, or anywhere in sight!😳
Silvertop quietly pulled out his iPhone and snapped a photo………
Good to know, that by the time I returned back from today’s hike, they had managed to extract this piece of heavy equipment, and it was sitting on level ground!😅
Sometimes it’s best to take things slowly……. I’m sure they were sweating getting this piece of equipment unstuck!😅
I climbed the steep trail up to Tim’s off grid cabin. Usually as I climb, I am taking layers off……… not today!🥶
As I crested the ridge top a cold drizzling rain was coming in from the Ocean.
I watched off in the distance as a curtain of rain started coming my way……….
Most times, you can tell the speed of the rain storm, and Silvertop can judge how quickly he needs to head back downhill!😅
I think this is as far as I go for today………..
Back home I struck a match to the kindling in the wood stove.😀
Cot, stretched out in front of the glowing fire…………..😻
“ An atmospheric river is coming Cot, how about Dad tosses another log on the fire!”☺️
Cot didn’t seem to care, he went back to sleep!😻
Till tomorrow, stay dry everyone, Silvertop Mike 😀
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Sort: get the boat out dear just in case! I might could get stranded at work!

The powers that be often make a lot of noise about nothing. This might be the same thing too!☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️

Very true Liz… they like drama Lol!!😇

Actually, I have never heard "atmospheric river" before!
Absolutely a new term!
Stay Warm and Dry my friend @silvertop !

lol…. We can’t just say rain anymore!🤣
Hope you’re doing good my friend !😀

Yeah I gotcha! The New English! 😅🤣😅
I am! And Thank You, wishing You the same!
Stay Blessed, Happy, and Safe!

You as well, my friend I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and, and beautiful weather!😎

Thank You my friend @silvertop !
And it is getting "nice"! We hit 81° today, tomorrow will be in the 70's somewhere but with Sun! 👋🏼

Wishing You an Amazing Sunday and New Week!

That sounds very comfortable, beautiful weather! 😎😀

Thanks and... That's why I am here!
I wanted to try out cold again, but I don't think I could honestly take it! 🥶🥶🥶
We are now hovering in the 70's - which is good, I am hoping for the warmest Winter ever - which would be warm!
He he he!
Wishing You @silvertop a Amazing New Week!


Glad you made it back safe! That CAT is in a real precarious parking spot, best not wait behind it too long! Get ready for that white stuff!

I wouldn’t want to have been that CAT operator. I’m sure it made his day to get back on level ground!😅

That looked just a mite precarious...

😳 definitely not a good situation !


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Great stepping there Mike, and the "atmospheric river" was a new term for me, good that you got home before it started though, and also that the excavator was moved slowly to a safer location, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

So far, it’s been cold drizzle, the atmospheric river has not hit. I’m crossing my fingers!😇😀

Great to hear, and enjiy your weekend.

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You as well, my friend, getting ready for Christmas! 🤗


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Weather seems changing often there.

That it does my friend as I type this we are getting wind and rain!😳😅