This way to the river!😀 My Actifit Report Card: December 1 2023

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This way to the river!😀
With the rain starting, and the forecast for an “ atmospheric river “ and flooding…………
Silvertop wanted to hike the network of trails along the Nooksack river.
Before it floods………🙄
The snow level is dropping!🥶
Just look at Sumas Mountain in the background of the third photo!
This was taken at the ball fields of this riverside park.
So let’s take a hike down to the river, and check it out!😀
The first thing you might ask, is where is the water?
The river is still very low…………
We had a severe drought this summer, and even with heavy rains the river is still low………….for today!
It’s a bit spooky walking this gravel riverbed.😮
If you have ever heard of the term “ Flash Floods“ that is what can happen at this section of the Nooksack river!
In fact it isn’t just a possibility, it happens quickly………..and quite regularly!
Take a close look at the pile of logs, and trees, piled up under this bridge!
Two years ago during the severe flooding of two local lowland towns, they restricted traffic to only one lane on this bridge, because they were concerned that it was in danger of failing!
The river was only a few feet below this bridge………
That’s hard to even imagine!😳
Water is very powerful!
During that storm two years ago, the water rose above the banks, and covered parts of Everson and all of the town of Sumas with water!
It was time to leave for today…….……….
Hopefully this storm will stall, out in the Ocean, and will pass us by.
For now Silvertop was headed back to home, and much higher ground!
One more reason I love the Mountains!😇🤗
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😀
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I see what you mean about the trees piled up on the bridge. I would think the city would want to get rid of that pile!🤗😘⛵️

You would think Liz 🙃

I know flash floods. It happens in many places.
Be safe.

Thank you, my friend, I am glad we live high up in the mountains!😇😀



Yay! 🤗
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Have a wonderful weekend @ecency glad you enjoyed my post !😀

A hike to the river is always fun.

Lovely photos.

I always like hiking down by the river it it ever changing!😀

That's true.
Glad you enjoyed your time out.

Thank you hope you’re having a good weekend as well, my friend!😀

Yes, sure.
Thank you very much.