“ Riders on the Storm! “ 😅 My Actifit Report Card: December 4 2023

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“ Riders on the storm! “😅
Water, water, everywhere Lol!🙄
While the rain poured down, Silvertop waited patiently for the delivery of a Christmas gift for my son………🤔
“ Silvertop the tracking info states that the package is out for delivery!”
Actually two packages……… Silvertop will explain in a bit!😇
“ Liz I’m going up to the “ High Trail “ for a short hike, wish me luck, maybe the packages will be here when I get back!”🥰
We were having a heavy downpour, I knew better than ask the Mrs if she wanted to hike, and get drenched today, Lol!😅
Before I made it to the top of our road, I knew it was time to find shelter!😮
I took a secluded foot path off to the right…………..
Silvertop has stopped here many times before……
This trail leads to Grants cabin, my Canadian neighbor!😀
I shook off my raincoat, and decided to continue uphill…………
Silvertop what were you thinking Lol!🤣
It was still dumping!😳
I hadn’t been to the Geode mine in a while , it was a shorter trail…..that might be interesting!😀
You can see in the third to last photo some Geode’s someone found here and passed on taking them home!
One hillside is loaded with these beautiful crystals, very impressive!
Silvertop needs to return here on a somewhat dryer day Lol!😇
I was soaked…….. I headed home!😅
“ Look what was just delivered Cot!”
My furry child wanted Dad to open HIS present Lol!😻
“Cot, DON’T tell………this new Trezor Safe 3 Crypto hardware wallet is for Bill and his Wife Agi for Christmas! 🥰
I set up the seed phrase, and transferred some Bitcoin……….
Wow……. $8.33 BTC mining fees!🙄
Well It is Christmas!😇
Ohhh………. The second package…….
“ Well Cot you and Dad can share that “second” Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet!”😻
That will be our rainy day project for tomorrow!😇
Till then Silvertop Mike 😀
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It's been a day, that's for sure!😘

Things seem to be getting more complicated Lol!🙄


It's rainy again. Will it be a rainy winter season?

It's really hard to say it can change overnight Lol😇
Everyone is hoping that the rain stops tomorrow, flooding can be very devastating up here!

Be safe. Flash floods can happen.

It's going to rain again tomorrow, I hear. We are going to have some of it!
Keep warm, both you and Liz!
What a nice gift. Is he an aficionado as well?
If you notice, my voter is out!!!

@silvertop! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @silversaver888. (8/20)

We certainly hope so @silversaver888 !😇
Both Liz and myself are trying to instill investing /savings with our son and his wife!😀


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@silversaver888(6/10) tipped @silvertop