Hmmm….This isn’t helping Cot! 😻 My Actifit Report Card: December 7 2023

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Hmmm…….This isn’t helping Cot Lol!😻
Silvertop figured he would postpone today’s hike till later in the afternoon……..
It was pouring rain again!😅
“ Besides that Cot, dad needs to wrap Christmas presents! “😀
Wrapping presents, with a wild “ Baby Mountain Lion “ in the house is an adventure in itself Lol!🙄
Silvertop spread out all the tools of the Christmas wrapping trade, across the floor.
This was an immediate green light for my furry child!🤣
As I wrapped, Cot UN-WRAPPED Lol!😻
He decided that dad boxing presents on his knees, was an invitation to drag himself, with his claws, through my legs like I was some sort of tunnel!😳
“ Cot you can let go now!……….
have you been sharpening your claws!”😬
Liz wanted to revisit our Local Coin Shop, again, she was looking for one more piece of silver for Christmas!🥰
“ Liz, take a look at what Justin is holding, it’s a TEN ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coin! “🤗
Maybe the Mrs. picked up this extra heavy Maple Leaf for Silvertop!😇
We have known Justin for years, and we learned today, that he and his Wife just had a baby girl six months ago!
Congratulations Justin!!🎉🤗
One hour before sunset, Silvertop headed out…………….
The rain had stopped, it was a good call to wait!😇
Then just before sunset, a bit of sunshine shone through the trees!😀
You could hear a collective…………….
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😀
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Perhaps I can get Cot to tell me what's in the boxes if I bribe him with a little catnip!😽🎄🎁

LOL ;-) We have a bird indoor for 5 month now that is just becoming to be comfortable with flying from head to head. It lived with my mother in law for ten years until she left. I may get some hints for christmas from it soon. LOL

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Thank you so much!!!

I don’t think so…… I put the catnip in the boxes already Lol😻

Oooo, all that shiny.

 So many choices, so much shiny!🤗

Sounds like better weather is coming.

I hope so, my friend, how is the weather where you are at?😀


There must be a lot of stackers in your area! That quite as inventory!
You have beautiful cats, @silvertop !
Next year, use Christmas bags... it will save you time, hehehe!

Aw man @silversaver888, you are out of PIMP to slap people.
Go Stake some more and increase your PIMP power.
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Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

This is a great coin shop @silversaver888!😀
They are doing a 12 day Christmas gift giveaway, check out Liz’s post tonight for a photo of RB the proprietor!🥰

He decided he didn't want it wrapped! Funny cat!

Nice silver and gold selection. Those ten ouncer feel nice in your hand don't they? Too bad they're kind of expensive...

It was very impressive a very heavyweight silver round!😀
I believe Justin was hoping we would take it home Lol!🙄😇
This coin shop is running a 12 days of Christmas gift giveaway one per night at 6:10 in the evening weekdays one of the gifts hidden behind one of the doors is this 10 ounce Mapleleaf cross your fingers !😇