How do you spell “FUN” 🤗 My Actifit Report Card: April 18 2024

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How do you spell “ FUN “?😇
For Silvertop, it’s a day hiking with the Mrs……..or splitting firewood!😅
That my way to have fun, and also stay healthy!😊
For my friend and neighbor Keith, he takes a different path!☺️
“ Keith, you need to show Silvertop your new excavator! “
“ Silvertop will see it when he hikes on up my friend ! “😊
I believe the driver was just as excited about delivering this new “Toy” as Keith was!😇
Take a look at the first photo……….
See that piece of equipment at the end of the boom on the excavator?
This is what keeps a lot of the hiking trails cleared!
This is called a “ Brush Hog “.
It will grind up small trees, and just about anything else in its path!😳😬
Keith has several hundred acres of mountain trails that he maintains, and he likes “Big Boy Toys!”🤣
Looking at the third photo, I can honestly say Keith is the only person I know of, that would hitch a trailer with a load of mushrooms compost to a tesla that cost him over six figures!🙄😊
The driver loaded this “traded in” excavator on the truck, and drove away…………….
“ Liz, we need to detour up to Keith and Lynne’s on our hike this weekend, so paparazzi Silvertop can snap some photos of Keith’s new excavator!😇
“ Silvertop you don’t need an excavator Lol! “ 🥰
Silvertop just needs to put one foot in front of the other…………
Hiking is free!😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊

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No! You don't need an excavator! Just rent one!

Breaking news: a pygmy shaman is being pursued by the authorities
That's right be on the lookout for a small medium at large.

Credit: reddit
@silvertop, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of silversaver888

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Or ask Keith real nicely @silversaver888!🤣😇


The kind of toys that are fun play with! Great distance there yesterday and you got in some beautiful scenery along the way. Well done!

Thanks, my friend, you have a good weekend!😊
See you on the other side of the Bitcoin halving!👍