It’s Here….The Bitcoin Halving! 🤗🎉 My Actifit Report Card: April 19 2024

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It’s here….The Bitcoin Halving!🤗
Progress continues, for both the countdown to the Halving and Silvertop’s firewood splitting!😅
By the time the dust settles today, and this post hits the blockchain, the Bitcoin block reward will be cut from 6.25 to 3.125………..
Cot isn’t concerned ……..but I noticed he has been sleeping with his latest Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet Lol!😇
“ Dad, is the Halving over……. I’m going back to sleep! “😻
“ Umm Cot, you do know that this brand new Trezor is still empty, your old one has all your Crypto Lol! “ 🤣😇
That’s when I saw claws………
Hmmm …..someone is being very protective Lol!😺
Silvertop can only split firewood for so long each day, and by Noon I was spent!😅
Time to refuel with latte number two, and with Cot “Guarding” his empty Trezor wallet, Silvertop figured he would head out for a hike!😊
Yesterday my Neighbor Keith took delivery of his new Kabota excavator, so Silvertop decided to hike up and check it out!
PEPE decided to tag along, he remembered the BIG pond and was looking to “Get Wet Man”!🐸
Cot was telling PEPE the we have a “Bitcoin Halving coming! “😻
PEPE has a Bitcoin, and he said …………..
“ No one is cutting my Bitcoin in half “ 🤣
He was bringing HIS Bitcoin along for today’s hike for safe keeping!😇
We made it to the top of Keith’s gravel road……….. several miles uphill! 😅
Parked next to his John Deere tractor, and his off grid Solar array, sat a new orange Kabota excavator!
Very nice Keith!🤗
PEPE wasn’t impressed……….🙄
I found him sitting on top of a trail marker, clutching his bitcoin tightly, and muttering something about……….
“ Where da Spring Man! “ 🐸
“ Come on PEPE, it’s time to go home, the Halving party is about to begin!🤗 🎉
Happy Halving weekend everyone, Silvertop Mike 😀

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Okay children! I expect MY Bitcoin to be replaced where I had it by tonight or heads will roll! That means you Pepe, and it might not feel good, man!🙀🙀🙀

I might be cut in half Liz Lol....😇😉😘

I hope not.....that would be messy!


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Another great new toy! That one looks like a lot of fun!

I wish I could double my BTC! The halving hasn't done much yet. I'm still expecting a dip followed a surge. Cross my fingers!

The one thing I did not anticipate was transaction fees going through the roof. I believe once the price goes up, the fees will come down…..🙄