My Actifit Report Card and Update: September 23 2022

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Hi Everyone,

I'm back with another Actifit Report and Update. I've managed to keep these reports fairly consistent and regular recently. This has been easier because I have fixed dates for the release of the Challenge Series posts (Monday and Friday). The Challenge Series is coming to a close soon. These reports will become a little less consistent. I will try my best to complete one once a week.

For my Activity yesterday, I did some shopping and walked Mango the dog. I also went to the rubbish dump, which is finally open. The dustbin men have been on strike for 7 weeks. The bins have not been collected and the dump has been closed. Our rubbish has been accumulating all this time. We are lucky we have plenty of land to stash the rubbish quite far from the house. Other people are not so fortunate. The town is in a really bad state. The strike should be ending this week. I am appalled at how the Council can be so negligent of their duty. The rubbish is attracting rats which could cause outbreaks of disease.

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Since my previous Actifit Report and Update, I have posted three times. Two of the posts relate to Challenge Series and the other is about the "Cost of Living Crisis".


I posted the results of Challenges 5 and 6. Challenge 5: Make Me Happy required participants to choose 1 of 5 characters to maximise utility within 1 week. Challenge 6: Buying and Selling Game required participants to buy desserts in one town and sell in another town so as to make the highest profit possible. Both challenges had great turnouts and were very competitive. In both challenges, 60 Hive was given out and the first 12 entries received 50% Upvotes.

In my third post, I discussed the winners and losers of the "Cost of Living Crisis". This crisis has been in the making for a long time. Recent events such as Covid-19 responses and the responses to the war in Ukraine have just been triggers for a much deeper problem.


The post focuses mostly around the winners from this crisis as they require a more in-depth explanation than the losers. The winners are many big businesses, banks, the media, religion, US Establishment, China's Establishment, Government in general, and the Global Establishment. The post explains why and how these are the winners. Arguments are supported with data and figures. In regards to losers, the post acknowledges that most of us will be losers and just briefly discusses those who will be most negatively affected such as the elderly and small businesses.

That wraps up this week's Actifit Report and Update. My next post will announce the winners of the final challenge as well as the overall winner of the Challenge Series. This post will be published on Monday.

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You talk about how government can be negligent. Let me take you on a tour of Nigeria, where educational strike had been on for 7 months. 3 sets have been held back and the Government is just looking and thinking about their elections.🙂

Although it's nice you have a great government 👍😂

7 month strike is pretty bad. Then again schools were closed even longer here as part of Covid-19 policy. Governments are bad in most places. UK Government is really bad but its still one of the best in the world. Sadly, the rest of the world sets the bar very low. We all deserve better.

I agree 💯

I like the fact that the impact of the guys who throw the trash can be felt.

In Nigeria, people do not take government jobs seriously.

I hope they call off the strike and every thing gets back to normal

They used to pick up the trash every 2 weeks. It was been 4 times longer so it has built up as the rubbish dump has been closed too. There is nowhere to dispose of the trash.

I clicked on this because the title and the image. I usually try to stay away from anything thing gives me a negative vibe but this would be a great story idea. How the people fought back and won. No actual fighting takes place though.
Anyone up for a #writingchallenge?


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Thank you!

The challenge series was really a great one for me I must say and I can't wait for the next series to commence

It will be the monthly contest in about a month's time.

💃💃💃 I can't wait