tribe page seems to be directing me to post here with some pics and a GIF

in Porn2 years ago (edited)

basically whenever i'm editing videos to upload to manyvids, or like now, just trying to organize all the stuff on my hard drives, i will try to take a few screenshots to post in hive. maybe i explained this before, i dunno i really figure no one cares what i write in these posts when i have pics in them LOL

anyway i guess the tribe site is down, should i always post to both places? i assume i can put that id thing hive-193564 as a tag to direct a post to here from there. is there a way to update my old posts to show up in here or no? i mean they're old now but if you haven't seen them and stuff. though i guess i'm just posting tits in here now. manyvids has made me create so many previews and preview vids that i guess it's like ok cool ahah.

omg speaking of which, i look at other profiles on manyvids and i can't believe the previews people put on their vids. i mean it's just like they're showing everything. i don't know, i mean i'm not a prude obviously but i thought there was like some phrase about drinking the milk and then also killing the cow for steak and having them both and eating cake too. whatever phrases are stupid.




soooo yeah like i still don't have much reach online, it's okay i have been working like crazy amounts for the last 2 months since i started testing out being a content creator. i hope i don't sound like a robot (NOT A BOT LOL) everytime i post, i hope everyone who sees me in these posts sees my regular posts too, it's much easier to engage in those, but ofc i will always respond here unless i stupidly miss it but hopefully that doesn't happen often.

i appreciate the support here on hive and it's more than i could ask for, but it would be foolish of me not to always link to my ManyVids (, and i do always mention here i have a similar type of account on another b-chain ( /

(and i hype HIVE a lot there and have brought for sure 1 staying-active user, i think another for sure who has only had time to make her first post, and i guess i did bring over 2-3 people who can't handle the challenge and i think bailed after 1-2 posts LOL; regardless i support all chains and anything that can help fellow creators cause we're in this together- i mean any creator, not just nsfw stuff, we all gonna make it if we do it together~ i'm only being a nerd right now about it because i've been told some people dislike mentions of other chains like they're Voldemort LOL but they're different, web3 is good to support, there's no battle, and love can extend to many platforms~ and i'm not posting this content there just as a post like this LOL so i hope you feel the winning)



it worked over here! good to have some activity here too. For the time being post here you'll get your rewards and well what can I say you are my favorite content creator lol 😀

someone brought up how i write all lowercase and i explained how it keeps me in a type of character that helps with my creation. and i think it just lets me write without having fear, i mean i just write like i'm talking and i can feel it myself, that i write just from my heart and at least so far in 2 months i am pretty sure this is how i am able to engage with people easily and have such a good time.

i def still have fear though ahahah but i do not have to pretend anything. i mean little differences, i talk differently but i like talking like this and would probably seem a little crazy in real life talking this way ahahh. but on internet this becomes a power!!!! lol

ty for your support!~

I can tell you write like you talk and that is good! Yes, you seem to be really taking off and are on SOOOO many platforms its really awesome to see. I could totally see you being a whale on all of them! haha keep doing what you are doing you are awesome!

You can both edit and Cross post your old posts by clicking the three dots under a post in PeakD.

but isn't crossing the posts bad?

As long as it is older than seven days it is fine even though some folks frown on it.

Because other chains are EVIL! :OD

It is a bit mad to give it all away in a preview isn't it? I am sure the saying is something like the one you mention, steaks and cows and cakes and all that!

ahahaha i purposefully mixed up the phrases but kinda almost made a cool one.

"why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"

i assume you probably know it but just in case lol, but i was writing it and given what they show in their previews i felt it needed to get a little hardcore ahaha.

i mean, i get weird talking about exactly what all i did when i worked on cam, i feel like it's normal to be like i am about it. i haven't shown videos of everything i did, and i mean i thought i did plenty of stuff but wow some people are apparently just like almost doing something in every way completely differently from me ahaha. which is cool of course i'm not saying it's bad and certainly not wrong, but also in my heart i worry that when you do so much that is easily seen, you constantly will have to raise the stakes and in doing so this becomes what people expect, you are the person who always goes further than before and that's what they love. this is totally made-up i am only making guesses though i mean it's not that i have no experience lol.

what i'm not saying ofc is that the person could be doing it only because they enjoy doing that. they LOVE constantly upping their game. hell yes more power to you ahaha.

and since i am always super honest, that's really me, it does shock me a little, just always surprised to see exactly the extent of what other people do lol. not shocked like "omg this is wrong and immmoral!" shocked like "omg i really didn't know that was even possible" and ofc we each enjoy what we enjoy and that's good :D

wow i rambled there.

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