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RE: Initiating my son to instrument making & new flute cover songs

in Music5 months ago

You applied your skill and skill and a musical instrument turned out from wood, this is a kind of fabulous transformation. A person gives a musical instrument a new life and history, and a musical instrument gives music of divine beauty to humanity. I have listened to the music that you recommend, it is very beautiful light and beautiful music. The fact that you teach your son such a complex and necessary art to create a flute, I'm sure it's great. Over the years, your son will be grateful to you for your hard work and your diligence. This post inspires good deeds and positive thinking. Many thanks to you and your son for the wonderful post. I wish you creative success.


oh, sorry, was a bit busy and missed all the comments in this post.
Thanks for the kind an encouraging words.

Thank you for responding to my comment. Things are good.