Music to Blast Your Ears out while Writing (Sometimes)

in Music7 months ago

It's strange but when I am at work (office) I am not one of the headphone brigade. That is the type who are locked away in at their deck oblivious to me or the boss screaming for their attention.

For one I can't concentrate and find it a distraction. However, when writing the next 'Tales of the Urban Explorer' it can be good to listen to some deafening music occasionally.

New music requires my concentration and simply won't 'sink in' if I am occupied and writing about some apocalyptic place I have visited.

However, a listen to the excellent 'In Absentia' at 120db does help. Imagine a truly heavy song that turns into a regular melancholic mid-tempo pop song and your listening to 'Blackest Eyes'.

Metal is metal, and generally stays there, but not with Porcupine Tree. I love how this band surprise people, and are difficult to categorise.


I hadn't heard of this band before. It's a great track. I like the mixture of metal and mainstream pop.

Most people haven't, I wish I was in your shoes and could discover their back catalogue over again. The talent of Steven Wilson is incredible.

It's a great song. I often have music on when working at home and it's generally proggy stuff from some Spotify playlists. I don't tend to listen when I'm in the office these days, but I used to at the old job.

I can't put them on at home as they are not a boy band and although @bingbabe is happy to meet Steven Wilson for the pose factor, it needs to be.., 'I want it that-a way' or something similar for her to listen.

My other half has been to 2 SW gigs and enjoyed them, but she likes her 80s hits at home. I'm alone during the day, so can play what I want.

This is really incredible, i love this track man
Thanks for sharing, never heard it before