NYE Uplifting Modular BANGER

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Man cannot live on ambient alone.
As is becoming the norm, I ended my tranquil NYE session with a more spirited arrangement of the ambient jam I had spent the better part of three hours working on ... morphing it into a lumberous yet uplifting electronic jam and ending the stream with some gusto and UDO Super 6 sparkle leads! If you'd like to see how these ideas came into existence (and in a vastly different context) ... the full VOD lives here: https://www./videos/856707399

Since acquiring the Super 6 and especially since hard patching it the OTOBAM I have had an indelibly 80s overtone to my work and I'm not hating it.... having imagined Juno 60 parts over my compositions for years it is outstanding to finally have a device that both easily conveys the sound designs in my head while consistently inspiring with new textures I had never imagined. A synth that works in fully six voice binaural mode, full time. Yes to that.

Catch a livestream sometime on Twitch! Visit my profile there at:
https:///drum_operator and hang for some modular hyjinx!

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Hey man you killed it, it's chill.

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Get your act together, operator.

Hahahaha :)

The magic of the blockchain is its indelibleness so today's post is me putting the same clip up twice, totally killing it and generally being good at blogging.

As a 'punishment' you have to create a techno track of at least 30 minutes using your modular setup! {LOL}