"Ambient V"- Live Modular Synth Improvisation ft. Hermod + Sinfonion!

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This cathartic excerpt from my most recent Twitch livestream sets a pair of woodwind timbre'd Mangrove oscillators at odds with a wash of Micro Hadron Collider filtered VCNO noise, all fed into various inputs of the Three Sisters crossover array before being gently granulated in the omnipresent Mutable Instruments Clouds. Three sisters receives both plucked envelopes and sweeps of Maths based modulation, ducking it in and out of the soundscape established by the rumbling, verb'd out AJK Minimod chain building the foundation. I'll be chopping up this sequence and other elements from the nearly two hour improv for an upcoming ambient release, check out my bandcamp and instagram for updates!

This was my first livestream with the Hermod and I'm already finding it tying the proverbial room together. I have been looking for an easy way to improvise live over the more programming intensive sequences and it is very much doing the trick. Next step is to dedicate a track to changing sequences across the Eloquencer, Nerdseq and Sinfonion ... effectively enabling a global "Song Mode" across my entire rig that will roll with the punches as I improvise and enable me to save and return to near full machine states ... something I have been extremely interested in accomplishing since I began diving into the Steevio influenced improvisational wormhole.

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Wow this is awesome. @sequentialvibe would really love this as he is a digital composer with a minimal/ambient side.

When you strip it down at the 11 minute mark, that bass line makes it sound ominous.

Being a metal guy, it blow my mind at how a sound so simple could be so technical and complicated.

Love music on the blockchain!

Thanks for the considered listen, @zekepickleman. I def come from a more technical metal background so I’m enjoying both the similarities and total disconnect between the two genres and workflows. @sequentialvibe is one of my oldest follows on the blockchain!!

Loving it! Need to listen the whole thing, the Twitch one, but so far so good!
Added to that, super all these colours in the vid. I suppose you had some projector or lamp going in the background throwing all these space visuals through the studio?

That’s actually the sleepy circuits hypno eurorack video synth being projected back onto the modular itself. It’s like an entire video synth rig in a single module and has been invaluable.

Is it this one? https://sleepycircuits.com/shop-1
You connect it to a projector?

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