Modular Synth Album: Hybrid Writing between DAW + Hermod

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While working on some new tracks for an upcoming ambient release, I landed on this idea .... originated in the DAW on Arturia Particle (lately I've been mostly writing on the hardware sequencers) and "reamped" into the modular via the Squarp Hermod. This has always been a fun way to work in a more hybrid compositional fashion and frequently lands me with a few stems of "demo" VST sounds I might not have otherwise used in the final mix. Here two key elements, the plucks and strings, are both the original Particle patches while the midi information they draw upon is being turned into granular goodness via Mutable Clouds downstream.

This is a pretty short clip but indicative of what I'm doing onstream lately as I take on writing a full length album entirely on stream. The technical challenges of keeping a generative modular synth in sync with a daw while maintaining a clean stream, good lighting and -actual listenable tunes- has proved to be a serious undertaking but one I am enjoying taking on. The full VOD lives here (thanks for the tip @edje !):

... and you can catch new stream live on my channel:

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Hahaha nice, the Twitch inclusion. Not sure if it's a glitch with Twitch, but I wasn't able to play it anymore. The site gave me this pretty funny response: "Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable." Guess Twitch only keeps a live stream for a small amount of time?

I continue to maintain a strong level of derp.

Dude that’s awesome! Your studio setup is amazing! As an old engineer that started in an analog studio, that made me smile for sure! Not many full modular synths like that anymore, or people that know how to use them, lol.

Thanks logical dude! You'd be amazed at the community brewing around the eurorack format! So many interesting people and interesting module designs in the last few years!