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RE: Dreams & Imaginations: Sunday Morning tunes by Villalobos & Haze

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Music is there... Otherwise click the link... Not all HIVE UIs show the Archive embedded player ( does well, as ecency). PeakD doesn't show the player.

strip backgammon

Hahahaha, that's something else than strip poker! I suggest, never to stop with that fun :)


Once upon a Sunday my car broke down on a busy highway into Cape Town. My wife (then girlfriend) came to fetch me... and while we were sitting waiting for the tow truck we decided to play strip poker ... and the first one naked had to run to my car (about 50 m's behind the car we were in) and back !! I lost .... man was there a lot of hooting and waving as I put my head down and ran..... my chick had tears streaming down her cheeks... she laughed all the way home.

HAHAHAHA thats a great story!

Oh yeah .... I use Peakd {sob}

When you use Ecency desktop app (maybe also the webapp), the music starts playing automatically :)

Is this available in Africa?

Don't know, try it?
Web version:
Desktop version:
I use the desktop version. Just tested the Web version, also in that one it start autoplay. also let the audio start playing automatically.

Thanks , will give it a try