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RE: Dreams & Imaginations: Sunday Morning tunes by Villalobos & Haze

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Good the read you got something positive out of the whole situation!
The audience, people and all will come. We may need to wait for a little bit still, but a year and a half are not very long 🤣 We shall push the VR technology creators to put a little more effort in creating remote feeling devices. VR rooms can then become our new physical space with all our senses in play.... d*rn, we need a remote taste device as well then...hmmm...may take a little longer before we get all of those 🙃

 2 years ago  

Hahaha... I see this future of which you speak as faaaaaaaar off.😂

I hope there is another future, a close one, that allows us get back to the real shows...!!!! 🙏

1.5yr is indeed a little short, what about 3yrs? {LOL}
Real shows: Sure that'll happen. Soon {smiley} And when not soon, then soon-ish, or sometime {LOL}

 2 years ago  

OMG With your last comment I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry... 😱

Just set a maximum in amount of time to Soon-ish and Sometime. That helps {LOL}
I try to keep the fun levels up, so take the Laugh approach, rather than the Cry approach. And even when Sometimes is years from now, we still have the VR option around {LOL}