On vulnerability --- "Find a loving heart"

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On vulnerability:
"Find a loving heart"

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So many times I’ve sat here at my desk (that serves as a makeshift studio) and I’ve made a beat or a little something that makes me feel the urge to sing. I’ll arm the recording to begin letting signal into the audio track, hit record, and after 4 clicks to help me get the tempo into my being --- I’ll just go with the feeling, letting words fall out of my head and into the waiting air.

This upload is exactly that process. It is the first time I’ve dropped something so raw into the public, and I’m trusting my gut to just do it. There are times my voice isn’t exactly on pitch. It’ll also be obvious at another time I had no clue what the words were until I repeated it again.

The vibe of this piece is simple and elegant; it has time to soak into your heart if you’ll allow it. Maybe there’ll be something for you to savor, here, amongst these vulnerable twinings of melody and simple, low-key chords.

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F  i  n  d   a    l  o  v  i  n  g   h  e  a  r  t


thanks for sharing your creative process with us. I also have a hard time sharing works in progress because it feels like it's harder for some people to see beyond the imperfections and see the idea forming into something beautiful. I imagine it happens to people that are practicing other forms of art too.

you're welocome, @recording-box! I appreciate you taking time to say something.

Something that has been coming up for me over and over again is that to be human is to be imperfect.

So what if my singing is a little 'pitchy?' I think that as long as the music has a genuine quality to it, then those emotions will connect with the listener.

I think we as artists are also our harshest critics a lot of times. It feels good to let go of the grip of my egoic desires to make something perfect. Capturing the little moments of life where you can feel the connection is deep and meaningful to me, and I think those are the moments worth sharing in the end. :)

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