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RE: All I Do - Stevie Wonder (cover)

in Music4 months ago

at some point I have also experienced that feeling of not being totally satisfied with the result of a cover or a recording, but over time I could realize that we get the best result when we choose a song that makes us feel good, when we feel good we can sing with our full potential and express ourselves better, that happens to me a lot, on the other hand when I choose a song that is not very passionate for me I have certain failures when interpreting it hahahaha I think it happens to all of us bro, hey that new outfit in your hair reminds me of zack la rocha from the band rage against the machine, it's great, good pictures to pass the time, I like that you are always accompanied by your faithful canine friends. .. Who doesn't doubt themselves at some point? But fuck it all, you have to be happy.... I don't know what shit steve has in his head haha but be happy brother, life is a constant unknown where the task is to find ourselves always in different stages, I admire you a lot, a hug brother, blessings!


Oh yeah a Rage against the Machine fan? I was a big fan of De La Rocha, in my days!!!

That was some inspired comment brother haha, you're right about picking something that makes us feel good!