EMBRUJO "Napoleon Baltodano" version Andres Cepeda (COVER) RANCHERA

in Music3 years ago (edited)

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Este es un tema que me encanta, cantado por el gran Andres Cepeda
con ese matiz que le pone en la interpretacion, lo hace maravilloso.
No puedo negar que en cuanto escuche esta melodia me encanto tanto
que no he dejado de escucharla jamas, siempre esta dentro de mis play list
asi que los dejo para que disfruten junto a mi de esta hermosa cancion.

This is a theme that I love, sung by the great Andres Cepeda
with that nuance that he puts in the interpretation, makes it wonderful.
I can't deny that as soon as I heard this melody I loved it so much that I have never stopped
that I have never stopped listening to it, it is always in my play list, so I leave you to enjoy it.
so I leave you to enjoy with me this beautiful song.

Gracias por ecucharme...

Thank you for listening...

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