Acoustic guitar cover: Delaney Davidson / Sleeping Woman

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I've always been a big fan of this song, I looked everywhere and couldn't find tabs for it anywhere! That's pretty rare because even most obscure songs have a tab somewhere, I ended up having to figure out the chords on my own, this is the the first time I've figured out chords for a whole song without any help. They may not be perfect but it does the job.

Sleeping Woman

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I've been trying to figure out how to sing this for a few months, the OG version is sung by a man with a pretty deep voice and even when I pitch it up thee are still low notes that are at my max and make me struggle a bit. Maybe I'll figure out a better way to sing it in the future but this is it for now:)

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Great sound. Congrats you are a wonderful singer

It is beautiful to hear your voice, it has been a relief for the soul. You have a very subtle voice with a lot of presence. You have achieved a beautiful and heartfelt interpretation.

Es hermoso escuchar tu voz, ha sido un alivio para el alma. Tienes una voz muy sutil y con mucha presencia. Has logrado una hermosa y sentida interpretación.

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Thank you!

Lovely! I dont know the song but it sounds right to me! :O)

It's hard to imagine how people learned stuff like this pre internet, I feel so spoiled most of the time I can just google it lol

It does make it easier. It's fine guessing some chords but the ones where they get all fancy can be bloody hard to guess!

You sing beautifully! What beautiful songs, I congratulate you for your voice!❤️

And congratulations on getting the notes out of that song, it can't be easy.

Thanks it was tricky but probably something I should do more often instead of relying on the internet!

And it came out very well, I don't know about music, but it sounds angelic!

You have a very wonderful voice
That is so beautiful

beautiful song your song made me dream, how beautiful your melancholic voice sounds and full of great feelings I congratulate you all greetings and success

Ty 🤗

😍 I think I'm in love.... You play truly beautifully ♥ God bless you!!!!

Aww thanks :)

Hi Julia! this is the first time I hear the song and it was beautiful to discover it in your voice. Thank you! 😊

Thanks alejandra! I've been learning guitar for about a year and a half and I guess learning to sing at the same time. It's challenging but super fun ✌️

Now I am even more impressed 🔥


Good tempo I am sleepy now

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A wonderful rendition it was so radiantly warm and so beautiful. I congratulate you for all the work with the chords, I find it relaxing and magical. A fantastic voice, tuned and sensitive.


Thanks and also for the LUV!


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