Three Tune Tuesday: A beautiful list of Beautifully Sad Songs

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Hi my dear Hivean friends!

This is actually the very first time I am doing a Three Tune Tuesday post.
I've seen it pass by many times, and wanted to do one myself but usually, by the time I think of it, it's Wednesday, or Friday. Now, thanks to @blanchy's post with the same subject, I remembered and I thought it would be nice to do one now.


As some of you already know from my post a few days ago, my brother passed away last week Sunday.
His funeral is today.
Back in Ireland, funerals were always something that happened really quickly, like within 3 days or so, but in The Netherlands, they take their time. In my brother's case, 9 days.

Since I am not in the Netherlands, and it wasn't possible for me to go, my sister had to deal with almost everything that needed to be done. I managed to help a little bit by writing a speech, and by helping choose the songs that should be played. Because my brother knew what was coming, although it still happened very quickly and unexpected, he choose two of the songs.

In the Netherlands it's quite custom to play anywhere up to 6 songs or so at a funeral. Songs that either meant something to the departed, or to their family.

My sister choose one of the songs, and I choose one. Together we also chose another one.
I will tell you about three of our choices.


My choice & my daughters'- Waves by Dean Lewis

I had heard this song before. My daughters used to listen to it sometimes.
But that was a long time ago. My youngest daughter suggested it, and when I heard it again, I knew that was it. It seems to be very fitting remembering my brother when we were still kids.
Even though he was so much older, I still have the best memories of us from back then.

My Sister's & My choice - Brother by Kodaline

This song already had me teary-eyed even before my brother passed but now we just made sure it'll be having me in tears every time I hear it from now on, and my sister as well.
It's just an amazingly beautiful song.

My brothers' Choice - Het Dorp (The Village) by Wim Sonneveld

This is a song that played at both my fathers' and my mothers' funeral.
And now it will be played at my brothers' too.
He chose this because he always thought it was a beautiful song about childhood and how free and careless it was. And about how the singer, as a child, used to think that it would never end.

There are other versions of it, and the original is French, sung by Jean Ferrat but this is the Dutch version by Wim Sonneveld. He was a Dutch singer and comedian but mainly a comedian.
He wasn't really known for his voice although it was beautiful.

There's something about the voice and the song that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
You don't need to know Dutch to have basic understanding of what this song is all about.
You can feel it.

This very first Three Tune Tuesday brings back memories, and it's as emotional as it is beautiful.
My brother is never going to enjoy this music with us again.
I'm sad because not only can I not be at the funeral, I can't even watch it online, which the funeral home has arranged. I have to work. I couldn't take the day off.
So I am hoping to honour my brother a little with this.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Your heart must be tender right now. Hugs.

Thank you. Yes, I'm a bit all over the place and emotions running wild.
It's all still very surreal to me.

Awww sorry to hear about your brother @misslasvegas 😪😪😪. Its a great way to honour your brother as it is now on an immutable block chain and can never disappear. Hope you are alright during this difficult time.

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words @blanchy.
Yes, I think so too. It can never be removed and I can come back to it whenever I like.
The weird thing is that I was just thinking of writing about all of my ancestors (that I know of) separately this way in order to keep them alive on the blockchain forever.
The reason why I thought of this was because there are so many things left unanswered when my parents passed away, and now even more with my brother passing. So I wanted to write things down so my kids don't ever have to wonder about these things. They can just look it up here!
Not long after that, I heard that my brother was very ill...
Strange how timing can go sometimes.

And I'm OK, as well as can be. I think it will hit me a bit more when my sister comes to visit in March. I'm now arranging a Mayan ceremony with a Shaman friend here. My brother wasn't one to appreciate a religious ceremony (like they usually do in Ireland) but this he may appreciate.

He was wise so. That sounds nice to have a ceremony there. Yeah there were so many skeletons in the closets back then. You learn more stuff about Uncles , Aunts, parents and somethings never come out until they have passed away and realise that they were more like us than we think seeing that we are made from them and all that.

So sorry for your lost, my condolence pls

Thank you, I appreciate it.

 last year (edited) 

So very sorry to hear about your brother's departure from this world, may he rest in peace, wherever he is now. Thanks for sharing these beautiful songs in his honour, this little corner of the blockchain will always be here to remember him for ever and ever. I hope you and your family are doing OK at this really tough time for you all and thanks again for sharing these gorgeous songs with us all. Peace out. Mind yourselves.

You don't need to know Dutch to have basic understanding of what this song is all about.
You can feel it.

You absolutely can and so nice that it played at your parents funeral also - very special for you all.

Oh @misslasvegas, I am so sorry. I'm not always so great at catching out people's blog. I am sending you so much love. I know this pain, be tender with yourself and keep talking about him, celebrate him with your kids. xxxxxxx

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