Chillin' and Feelin' Good :)

in Music9 months ago


So I've been feeling good again these last few days, like the whole negative vibes from the last month have just washed away in the to the Atlantic Ocean.

I had to take some time to myself which is why I've not been posting much at all, using the time to pick up the pieces left behind by various incidents.

Now, we're flying, like the bird in the cover photo for today's share called "Reborn", breathing in that fresh mountain air!

This is one of my more recent releases as well, you may have heard it a few months ago but it's worth sharing it again and it's not a drum & bass track but very much a chilled out one, which is how I'm feeling and reborn :)

In fact, people at my fiat mining warehouse have even commented that I look at lot more relaxed and happy so I guess I must be emanating that!

Time to keep that good juju going!

Enjoy the tune, hope you're feeling good!


That was indeed very chill. Glad you're feeling a lot better and more relaxed :)

Thank you on both fronts! It's so much better being chilled, need to be like this more often I think 😃