Dance Weekend - New Drum & Bass DJ Mix - Rebound Mix Pt 2

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Copy of July 2023 Rebound Mix Part 1.jpg

Here we go drum & bass heads! We're back with a flurry of activity as I share another mix I put together recently to help bounce back from this recent rough patch.

I have to say, after making these two mixes, I'm definitely in a better place and what's better is that we get nearly 2 and a half hours combined of drum & bass tunes to enjoy!

The second part of this little rebound mix series are a little heavier in places but again, mostly liquid drum & bass tunes that have a more melodic side to them, which represent the moods I was experiencing at the time of curating them.

Again, like with the first mix shared yesterday, there is one tune from me but the rest are from various producers whose tunes I've loved listening to since I first heard them, which have helped get me through a few tough times!

Track list is below be sure to support the producers who made them if you like what you hear!

Hope you enjoy!


All photos used are stock, video made in Filmora.


00:00 - Dope Ammo - Big Summer
04:48 - Hold Tight - On Track
08:51 - R-Monix - Anybody Else
13:15 - Mathematics - Sphinx
17:18 - S.P.Y - Skyzophonic (VIP)
20:37 - Matrix vs Goldtrix - It's Love (Trippin')
25:35 - Komatic - Earth Turns
30:16 - Blu Mart Ten & Makoto - Eldervine
32:34 - ALB & Subdivision - Lately (GLXY remix)
35:52 - Baron Inc - Squelch (Sub Focus remix)
39:33 - Colossus & Soul:Motion - Living A Lie
43:36 - DJ Marky & XRS - Rotation
46:32 - J Majik ft. Kathy Brown - Love Is Not A Game
50:57 - DaveyHub - Stargazing (Nicky Havey Dark Matter remix)
55:44 - Tokyo Prose - Tell Me
59:03 - Hugh Hardie ft. Kyan - Tearing Me Apart
1:03:28 - Krust & Roni Size - Witchcraft
1:06:57 - New Invasion - Need To Know You


Glad making the mix helped you feel better :) Are you doing alright?

Thanks a lot! Yeah always helps to do something creative to let all the emotions out, think I'd implode other wise! Definitely in a better place than I was this time last month, picking up the pieces and getting ready for the next adventure :) Hope everything is ok your side