Dance Weekend - New Drum & Bass Mix For August 2023

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August 2023 mix.jpg

Yes yes dnb heads! We've got another new drum and bass mix for your ears this August which takes you on a journey through tunes from the early 2000s up to 2010s, ranging from the absolute bangers to the more chilled side of liquid dnb.

I've not been too active online recently and it's been great actually, working on staying fit and healthy, putting together mixes and generally being awesome lol

This mix was one of those therapeutic sessions using my Pioneer DJ controllers, recorded via Serato software and then to put the video together, I used Filmora with a load of stock images.

Yes, the videos take a while to make to get the timing right and all the timestamps but actually, it's quite enjoyable and I'm getting better at it!

I've also started creating my own A5 notepads which have pictures I've taken from various travel adventures so people can write their own travel notes when they go off on their own ventures!

So you'll see those in the beginning of the video/mix below but if you're interested in getting your own, then you can get it here.

Otherwise, enjoy the mix and catch you soon!


00:00 - Atlantic Connection feat. Minds - Can't Destroy Love Pt 2
03:41 - The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast remix)
08:12 - DC Breaks - Starstruck
13:21 - 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch - Feel The Music
15:56 - Peshay - You Got Me Burning
18:30 - M.I.S.T. - Outaspace
22:11 - Greg Packer - Turn The Lights Down
26:19 - DJ Chap & Critycal Dub - Sunshine
29:16 - DJ Clart - Sweatin' (Mash-Up w/ Sunshin)
31:28 - DJ Clart - Sweatin'
33:41- Silence Groove - Kinky Questions
36:15 - Lomax & Kubiks - Spirit Filled
39:34 - Digital Native - Sundown
43:58 - Commix - Hung Up
47:39 - Triatik - Get Moving
51:19 - Cosmic Sequence & Leniz - Reminisce (Leniz VIP)
55:22 - East Colours & Clarity - Someone To Count On
59:47 - Silence Groove - What Do You Want
1:03:28 - Malaky - Cubano


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It's taken me literally an hour to remember your name so I can play your music at the Hive UK northern meetup tomorrow. I guess that is what getting old does to you, first I had not idea at all - then I kind of thought nickey harvey sounded right but found nothing under that, slowly narrowed it down until finally my aging grey matter managed to get to nicky havey! Anyway, hope you are keeping well - looking forward to enjoying your music tomorrow.

Hey fantastic!

Haven’t heard from you in a while and so much has happened. My company has opened an office location and I always have music on to liven it up. Often times, it is some lively drum&bass so I will defeinitely check this out!

I hope you are kicking ass old friend and it is great to catch up via fantastic music.