Dance Weekend - New Drum & Bass Music - Reflections

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Yes yes crew, we're back with another new music release which is a high energy dnb track with a cheeky melody to help bring the weekend in!

@gabrielatravels once again delivers a brilliant artwork to accompany the music and literally lives up to the reflections of the track!

I initially made this one as I was deep in thought and reflecting on what I'd done in my life, where I would like to be and how I'd get there.

Obviously there's a strong reference to traveling and the brilliant mountain scenery I'd visited with the crystal clear waters, particularly in Canada where the water would be mirror-like in its appearance!

I remember the travel adventure I went on in 2015 and first visited Canada's Harmony Lake, which was very high up but it was worth having a slight lack in oxygen due to the altitude because the views were spectacular!

I am getting around to doing more with my travel journals and sharing my adventures in a tangible format - I just need to find where I put all my notes and pictures and then try to curate them all together in a book of some sort!

We'll see how that goes!

For now, enjoy the tune!


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