Dance Weekend - Space Drum & Bass Vibes

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Start the weekend off right with some drum and bass inspired by the vast space that lies many millions of miles above our atmosphere!

Today's track is the first from the Space Adventure EP that I released last year and it was one of my personal favourites from it called "Stars Align", a high energy powerhouse dnb track with a lead synth that has a very 80s sound to it!

If you've been following me for a while, you may have seen me post about the magical treasure trove of a dusty old hard drive which had a load of unfinished melodies on.

This track was one of those!

I felt I owed it to the world (and myself) to get it finished, along with a host of other tracks that were in there and it's now out there for all to enjoy!

I've always had an interest in space, the planets and Universe around us, there was a phase where I actually thought I could work in the sector but it turns out you need to be exceptionally smart for that, which ruled me out straight away 😂

Still, I have an EP which makes my mind wonder into that great expanse above the atmosphere!

Hope you enjoy this one and have a great weekend!


Synth 80´s Space I was looking forward to the track.....but I must be blind as a bat as I cant seem to find it....

Sorry! My bad, must have forgotten to put the link in my excitement! I've updated the post now!

Nice content of your blog. Well done. 🥰

Thank you very much! I'm pleased you enjoyed this one!

You’re welcome. 🥰

Me too, can't find the track.
You teasing us Nicky with your write up xxxxx

Haha sorry! My bad, must have forgotten to put the link in my excitement! I've updated the post now!

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