Done Chilling, Let's Get Some Drum & Bass Going!

in Music9 months ago


Alright, it's time to crank up the tempo a bit in time for the weekend as I'm done with the chilling and we need some thrilling 😂

What a line... don't think I'll be using that again lol

Anyway, there are some tunes that have been doing well on my YT channel recently and it seems that dnb remix and the DJ mixes are the way to go at the moment and so I'll continue to do them as they're good fun to do!

One such remix is this one that I did of Fatboy Slim's "Sunset", which features amazing vocals from Jim Morrison from The Doors "Bird of Prey".

The only sample I used from Fatboy Slim's track is a teeny sample during the build, the rest is my own creation (other than the vocals obvs) and I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out. If only I had a good video producer to accompany the tune, alas, I have to stick with the still image and the music playing in the background!

More recently with the mixes, I've been trying out a few more things in the software, it does take time though! However, it's actually good fun using the video software!

Ok, that's enough rambling for now, enjoy the tune and get ready for the weekend!


Haha! Love the lego gifery!