Get Soaking Wet With Some Liquid Drum & Bass

in Music9 months ago


Yes, it's time to load up on some liquid drum and bass on this humpday hustle and share with you one of my deeper tracks.

Although it's deep in the sense of the introspective sounds, there really is no "story" as such behind this one.

Usually there is a backdrop to the tunes I share but in the case of Forest Cry, the best I can do is that "Forest Cry" was the name of one of the synths I used in the track and I was too lazy to think of another title, so it just stuck.

In fact, the synth itself was meant to be used for a "long press" of the keys as it morphs and transforms the longer you hold the notes down.

But I didn't like the sounds of that so I just did a shorter "tap" of the keys and played around with some of the sound parameters and ended up with this noise that morphs throughout the track.

Still, it turned out pretty well and turned in to one of my most deep drum & bass tracks which allows the mind to wander.

Hopefully this takes you on a nice adventure in the mind :)


Yeah, it sure did took me on a beautiful adventure.
It's good you shared this.

Thank you for the kind words and listening in! Happy you enjoyed it!

You are welcome.
Don't stop making music

💪💪💪 I won't now, thanks for the motivation!

You are welcoe brother!


Thank you!

My pleasure

nice even if I'm into a different style of music

Thanks a lot!