Lining Up The DnB Shots For The Weekend

in Music9 months ago


Yes yes cats, let's do it now!

Since coming back from a little vacation, I'm feeling pumped as I'm getting back in to shape and feeling the highs from that thing called "exercise" and working on a few things that I want to such as making a few more tunes and mixes :)

Those of you who have been following me for a while (and if you have just joined the party, welcome aboard), will know that I like doing some remixes of various tunes here and there, imparting my own style on tracks that I've enjoyed listening to over the years.

Well, today's share stems from a track on a CD released with a game from Nintendo called "Do It Now", which is the title music for the character Jago, a warrior based in the middle east.

The original has got that textbook 1990s cheese factory going on but I thought I'd reinvent it with a bit of 174bpm magic, courtesy of dnb!

It's one of my favourites to through in to a mix to bring some serious energy and giving the fact we're approaching another weekend rapidly, it seems appropriate to drop this one in to the posting schedule.

Let's do it now crew! Boom!!


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