New Drum & Bass Release - Deep Within

in Music10 months ago


Yes yes, it's been a while since I last posted but I've got some good news for you drum & bass fans as there's a brand new release from me called Deep Within, a dreamy dnb track that will hopefully give you some motivation for the weekend.

A lot of my earlier sounds were inspired by Robert Miles RIP, who you may remember did the famous "Children" track from the 90s.

Well, I drew on some of that inspiration for this release which features a piano melody, deep sounding pads and an old school trance bassline synth to propel it through.

When I made the track, I was going through a really tough period and trying to find the inner strength deep within to keep going.

The powerful artwork from @gabrielatravels really captures what the track is about with our man at the front staring at an eye in a mountain looking back at him.

Hopefully you enjoy and have a great weekend!


I thought it had been a few days, though I've also been blind upvoting as I've been stupid busy x_x

Is this one you started ages ago and finished recently or a recent thing that happened D: It sounds great anyway, always good when I can steal minutes to listen to your stuff :D

I hope you and gabrielatravels keep doing collaborations.

Yeah I've not been around for a while, certainly not as frequently as I was earlier in the year, it's been nice not to post all the time actually!

It's one that I finished recently so is a newer one by my standards anyway haha! Thanks a lot for listening in, always appreciate the support from you and really glad you enjoyed it!

We have been working on a few collaborations and there's more to come for sure :)

I always advise artists to aim for maybe once a week posting and only more frequently if they have the time or the inclination (have known some people who just wanted to try the daily posting thing for a bit rather than feeling pressured into it) precisely so they have more time to actually do their thing and have a life XD

I am actively trying to prevent people from burning out every time I give this advice wanted or not XD

Thank you! It's good advice and I'm probably going to be sticking to posting when I've got something new to post about. It just so happens that I've had a flurry of activity as I've had a lot of new things to post! Burnout sucks and it came to me through not just posting every day but offline life as well from a lot of angles. I've worked through it though and feeling in a better place again :)

Yay glad you got through the burnout :D

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