Remixing The 90s

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The 1990s was a brilliant time for electronic, dance, house and trance with the emergence of the rave scene and all kinds of experimentation going on.

How I wish I was old enough to go to raves back in the 90s - I just had to stay put with listening in to them and imagining the fun and games that went on.

Still, there were a lot of tunes that formed the backdrop of my school days and as I started making my own discovery with music, I was hypnotised by the out-of-this-world sounds that could be produced by the synthesiser!

As I quickly found a new love for drum & bass in the mid 2000s being a music fan, I then got into music production in the 2010s and my style was shaped by all these sounds from growing up.

Drum & Bass Remixes

And so my latest productive wave will see me remixing a host of 90s tunes that set the tone for me growing up.

I've already had a crack at remixing Urban Hype's toy town rave classic "Trip to Trumpton":

There's also a track called "What Do You Want From Me?" from Monaco which no longer exists on my Soundcloud as I won't be renewing my account there.

I wouldn't rule out the 80s either though - I also remixed Crockett's theme recently from Miami Vice.

However, there are a list of tunes I want to remix and have been requested to give a DnB makeover including:

  • Dub Be Good To Me
  • If You Wanna Party - Molella
  • Don't Call Me Baby - Maddison Avenue
  • Rhythm of the Night
  • Saturday Night
  • Everything But The Girl - Missing
  • Bird of Prey - Fatboy Slim (nearly finished this - it's one of my favourites)!

That should be enough to go for now but if you have any tunes that you really want me to try and remix, let me know in the comments below!



Oh I love the music from the 90's they were my teen years, so uplifting all those tunes. Love this remix and really looking forward to all of the above as well. Sweet Harmony, by The Beloved, that's another classic. The lyrics are so good. thanks for the music Nicky xxxx

You're right about that, the 90s were really uplifting, an explosion of great music and new styles! Thanks for the great words and suggestion of Sweet Harmony! I think that has been remixed expertly by Danny Byrd already in case you haven't heard it - it's a classic!

Yes if course I know that Classic.
I was thinking of this song xxxx

Ooooooohhhhhhh this one! Yeah I know it! I'll add it to the list and I agree, it's brilliant. I have it on a chillout compilation that I bought many moons ago and I love the lyrics too, the chorus is 👌

Yaa this makes me so happy, make sure to tag me when you do these remixes, I don't want to miss them. Cheers Nicky xxxx

Will definitely do that! Working through another remix at the moment that I'll be posting in a few days, been enjoying the vibes of remixing things into DnB - I think my heart just beats at 174 BPM haha!

lol, I suspect it does Nicky. Hope you are having an awesome weekend xxxx

Love a good remix and looking forward to what you come up with on the songs listed. They are all classics in their own right.

If I were to suggest a track, how about Ride on time but black box?

If you are moving away from Soundcloud what alternative are you switching to?

No further questions. You are free to go. lol!! 😂😂

Haha, you're right about that! They are classics and will definitely add Ride on Time to the list! I usually try to keep the remixes true to the original with a bit of additional flavours so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in! May work on Rhythm of the Night next, that's prime dnb remix material!

I'm probably switching to YouTube as I've been enjoying playing around with stock footage recently and putting a few videos together. If I can keep my website up and running, I'll drop the free downloads on there and link to them.

Hope I satisfied with my answers your honour 😂

I’ve also gone back to YouTube because any music based video is picked up on their music app which I prefer to Spotify and soundcloud.

What’s the link to yours?

Ah yeah there's YouTube music - I have a channel at the link below and whenever I release a track through our label, it automatically goes to YouTube music.

I'm trying to do a few more videos using stock footage as there's just more people on there to reach and potentially connect with - plus I get a lot of inspiration from the algo tunes that YT finds for me too.

I've been on a total 90s kick the last couple weeks.

LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad - Progression Sessions.

and also listening to a lot of Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz compilations.

Such a great era for dNb and Acid Jazz IMHO.

Yes mate! Bukem and Conrad are legends and where some of the earlier liquid dnb started, think it was termed "intelligent dnb" back then but could be wrong!

Agree with you there on that era, I'm still discovering gems that I'd hear in random mixes that would pop up and it's like "ohhhhh that's what it's called"!!