Tuesday Drum & Bass Beats

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It's going to be a long week when you feel like you have done a whole week by Tuesday lol. Brighter days are on the way for sure, just got to keep plugging away and digging deep!

This is where drum & bass comes in handy to melt away any mental anxiety and dance for a little while.

For me, it's also a good chance to share some of my tunes that I mixed together to remind myself what's coming up later in the year that is on the release schedule!

Some of these have already been released from the track list but there are a few on there yet to be released and they will have their moment later in the year!

Enjoy this 1 hour mix from earlier in the year and hope it melts away your midweek woes!


00:00 - Vague Illusion - Life (Nicky Havey remix)
04:25 - FOTH - Godfellas (Nicky Havey remix)
07:44 - Nicky Havey - Myth (unreleased)
10:40 - Nicky Havey - Up & Down (unreleased)
14:21 - Nicky Havey - Music Box (unreleased)
18:46 - Nicky Havey - The Explanation (unreleased)
22:49 - Nicky Havey - 8 Days
28:25 - Nicky Havey - Castle (Long Version)
33:12 - Nicky Havey - Space Walk
37:37 - Killer Cuts - Do It Now (Nicky Havey remix)
39:49 - Nicky Havey - Locked Away
43:08 - Nicky Havey - Rocket Ship
47:31 - Nicky Havey - The Right Person (unreleased)
50:52 - Nicky Havey - Freedom
55:19 - Nicky Havey - Hang Time
59:33 - Nicky Havey - Moving On


great as always

Thanks a lot!

This is a long ass playlist! Love that. I've got it saved to enjoy tomorrow to get me through the work day.

Oooo, you've given me an idea to create some playlists of my tunes now for different moods! Hope this one helped with getting through humpday!

It did help! This was a helluva week to get through, too.

Lemme know how building the playlists goes!

Glad we both made it through - enjoy the weekend and I'll keep you posted!

Some of my friends have been pretty flat out since last week and so by yesterday (which was Tuesday, it's Wednesday as I type) they were definitely feeling like they were done for this week XD

Hope you're feeling a bit better :)

Thanks a lot! I hope that your friends are able to at least get some respite, being flat out is a quick fire way to burnout

One of them mentioned taking a day off recently. I don't think the other one knows the meaning of taking it easy XD

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