This is great , welcome to HIVE! .I'm looking forward to more of your content. Nice one @stickupboys from bringing guys like this to the platform!

Thank you very much! Looking forward to being here

Trying hard to bring more musicians to Hive!

 3 months ago (edited) 

This song is very catchy, what a great rhythm. The video keeps a touch of eccentricity, I see you were invited by @stickupboys.

Thanks for bringing your tunes!

PS: It would be nice if you can write a little bit more about de story of your song, and remember to support other content creators :)

Nice one, we are trying to get more musicians on Hive!

Thank you very much! I have done lots of music over the years but never any blogging. It is a learning curve for sure coming to Hive!

¡Ah caray! Joyita encontrada!!!! Eres todo un personaje!! Tu música es genial! Tu trayectoria es emocionante. Abrazo para ti! 🌄

Yo man, this is awesome! Super catchy and really well made, you have a great voice too! This is awesome.
I used to live in Portsmouth for years, love Brighton. Haven't been back in many years but it's a great place:)

Hey nice to meet you and thanks for listening! Brighton is cool place love it!

Great to meet you here Phil!
SUB's told us about you.

Thank you very much, they showed me NFT Tunz, looks good!

Yee haw! I enjoyed that. I can imagine people having a good old boogie to that. Must be something in that sea air.


Thanks very much, nothing like sea air to keep you young!

Hey nice one bro, you worked it out! !PIZZA and !LUV and welcome to Hive!


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