How I emulate Hank Marvin's echo for Apache by The Shadows on the Flashback Triple Delay guitar pedal

in Music2 years ago

I recently started to practice playing solos on my electric guitar (ESP LTD EC-256FM Dark Brown Sunburst) using the effect pedals I already own for learning ambient guitar style. One of the first song I picked was Apache by The Shadows. In this song, Hank Marvin was using a magnetic tape unit with multiple echo heads to produce his double delay effect.

With my modern TC Electronic's Flashback Triple Delay pedal, I have the ability to setup up-to three different delays. So I tried to emulate Hank's echo with it.

Analysing Hank Marvin's echo settings.

In an old interview, Hank has discussed his echo settings and Gustavo had the idea to extract the audio track from the video and check the actual delay time value with an audio editor:

Hank's echo effect was composed of two delays, one fast and one slower. What Gustavo found out is that the first delay had a time of about 130 ms and the second was about 430 ms. This is easy to setup in a DAW software like Logic where you can adjust your delays. However on my Flashback Triple Delay, I don't have access to the time value in such a way unless I use a software on my computer and plug the unit via USB cable.

My attempt to set the echo effect

The Triple Delay unit has a Time knob but you turn it blindly. What I discovered playing with it is that if you set it to the max and setting the Subdivision knob to 1/4 note then the echo will be right on sync with the tempo.

Apache's tempo is 134 bpm. The Tempo BPM to MS Calculator tells me that at 134 bpm, 1/4 note is 448 ms and 1/8T is 149ms. Those two values are very close to Gustavo's findings above.

Tempo BPM to MS Calculator 134 bpm

The settings on the Flashback Triple Delay pedal

First you need to make sure to select "Serial" mode. This is you want the first echo to feed into the second delay engine.

Delay 1

  • switch the preset selector to "Delay 1"
  • turn the delay type selector to "Tape"
  • tap the the tempo on the pedal
  • set the Time knob to the max
  • set the Repeat knob to the min (one repeat only)
  • turn the Mix knob to about 10 o'clock (adjust to taste)
  • turn the Subdiv to 1/8 note triplets (top one at noon)
  • save into the preset #1 by long pressing it

Delay 2

  • disable preset #1
  • enable preset #2
  • switch the preset selector to "Delay 2"
  • turn the delay type selector to "Tape"
  • tap the the tempo on the pedal
  • turn the Subdiv to 1/4 note (second from the left)
  • keep the rest the same
  • save into the preset #2 by long pressing it

The advantage using this method is that you can slow down your delay effect when you need to practice on a slower tempo (which I did a lot). Matching your delay time with your tempo makes the effect sound fit the song and sound smoother and in sync.

This setting above can be applied to two cheaper single delay units if they have a tap tempo feature. If your delay units don't have a tap tempo feature, it should easily be achieved by ear, the first echo should happen quite quickly after the original sound, then the second echo should happen one beat after.


Mind healing melodies, it made me relax when I was tired. Thanks for this superb music. At first I thought you going to be sing. I love guitar tunes.

Well done @quochuy... You actually inspire me to pick up my music again and work it out once more. I love to sing but I've been away from developing it professionally. Watch the space I'll drop something soon.

Thank you. Looking forward to watch your creation.

Gracias por tu voto, tienes mucho ingenio.

I enjoy watching your tutorial, good one!👍

Apart from being a photographer you are also a musician, you have many talents, I congratulate you, those effects are very good. greetings. @quochuy

These are just hobbies and I have quite a few of them :-D

when I see the guitar I really like it because for me the best musical instrument for us to learn is the guitar. If we are good at playing the guitar, of course we can sing anywhere because the guitar can be taken anywhere. this is a very good post that can cheer me up when i see the tunes so beautiful i can feel.

Yes guitar is a very nice instrument. The Ukulele is also great and it's smaller so easier to travel with.


that's the guitar i have. I kept this guitar very long and took good care of it. because I also really like playing guitar. Besides my hobby in learning guitar, I also really like hearing people playing guitar with beautiful music.

A great tutor is all I see here, and at the same time learning.
Good one 💪

Nice! I dig the whammy bar man, I never managed to get those things under control. In fact, the one guitar I had that had one, I ended up stuffing wood shims under it to disable it - I found it very difficult to keep the guitar in tune with this feature functioning.

I like how you broke down the interview and showed how you were able to implement it - your guitar skills are quite impressive :)

I’m still a beginner man but practicing quite regularly these days.

As for the whammy bar, yeah keeping the guitar in tune with it can be an issue but there are things to help:

  • a well cut nut (get it serviced professionally)
  • a smooth bridge or using roller bridge (also ask the pro to check it during servicing)
  • using a device like the String Butler or TruGlide
  • maybe other tricks I don’t know yet

I’m waiting for my TruGlide to arrive and will get the guitar serviced.

Nice! Thanks for the tips! I’ve always loved the effect, so it saddened me a bit not to be able to fully utilize it. I’ll have to give it another shot, and follow these recommendations.

On a side note, I’ve had that melody you were playing stuck in my head since I watched your video earlier today 🤣

Hahaha happens to myself, going to bed with the melody of what I practiced stuck in head for hours.

Oh my, such beautiful melodies coming out of that string of yours. Your fingers are blessed, sir. Well done on this one. ❤️❤️

Thanks for tutorial too. I am sure fellow guitarist will have a lot to learn from the delays and perfect their plays too.

Excellent post bro, it's very interesting!

Wow. This is great.
Thanks for the tutorial.



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Wow, music from the Shadows, that's so great. Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, the shadows was one of my favorite band.

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woooooow...this is very pleasing to the ear, melodious, i felt the connection you had to the strings...this is a MASTER FINGER......