Practicing "Pegasus Fantasy" on my new ESP LTD EC-256FM electric guitar

in Music2 years ago

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I fell in love with the dark brown flame top look of the ESP LTD EC-256FM guitar so decided to buy it to replace my all black Cort CR50. It must be because of the different wood used to build the guitar but when playing on the EC-256FM unplugged, I could hear a brighter and louder resonance. Once plugged, the EC-256FM also sounded better than the CR50. The only thing I wished the EC-256FM had was a matte finish neck so it feels less sticky. After a day of playing around to test it, I was happy with the new guitar and moved the Duesenberg Les Trem II (whammy bar for Les Paul guitars) from the CR50 to the EC-256FM and put the CR50 for sale online.

Being relatively new to electric guitars, I chose some easy techniques learn:

  • playing solos
  • alternate pentatonic scale positions
  • vibrato/tremolo without the whammy bar
  • muting strings when playing solos

Some easy songs I've been learning:

  • The God Father (including Slash version)
  • Apache (The Shadows)
  • Pegasus Fantasy (Saint Seiya)
  • Sad Brothers (Saint Seiya)
  • some ambient style improvisations

In the video attached, I've recorded myself practicing "Pegasus Fantasy" the main theme song from Saint Seiya. That song has several variations during the anime show, some with electric guitars, some with vocals, some with a mix of instruments. I picked this pop ballad kind of variation and generated the backing track using an arranging software called Band-in-a-Box.

The effect chain is as followed:

  • the guitar first goes into a Boss volume pedal
  • Behringer CS400 pedal
  • Caline Pure Sky Overdrive pedal
  • TC Electronics Triple delay pedeal
  • Boss RV-6 reverb pedal
  • Neunaber Iconoclast cabinet simulator pedal

The last 3 pedals were used in stereo mode and the output of the Iconoclast was connected to a Yamaha MG10XU mixer. I then connected the mixer to my iPhone via the USB/Lightning adapter cable which allowed the iPhone to shoot videos with the audio coming directly from the mixer.

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This is really awesome..hopefully someday, I'd be able to play guitar this well.more practice right?.well I'm still a baby guitarist, I'd get better with time. Thanks for sharing,really inspired me.💪

yes practice a little bit every day. 10 - 15 minutes every day is better than 2 hours every month.

Started doing that this month when I quit my job.i spend more than 2 hours on it daily... it's almost practice time,thanks for your advice my friend 🤝.

You say relatively new, we say relative to what, cos you clearly can play some good arse tune there.

Hey, thanks mate.
I know how play acoustic guitar but mainly playing chords to accompany myself or friends singing but I only started with electric guitar December last year. I just joined a local guitar school to learn to play ambient guitar. This solo thing is new, I practiced this song every day for the last two weeks and it took me maybe 30+ attempts at recording myself until I got this video above because I kept making mistakes, lol.

Your practice is hella paying off. Wish I had the focus to get to your level. Am still stuck with simple tunes on an acoustic.

I find the electric guitar easier than the acoustic. The strings have less tensions, you don't have to press hard on them and adding effect pedals is a lot of fun. Nowadays, even the cheap effect pedals (Donner, Caline etc...) are quite good for the price.

Maybe one day I will get me one, but I still find myself a beginner even though I have owned a guitar for 20 years. Probably cos I hardly touch it.

Same here 😅

I biggest challenge is doing bar chords... bane of my guitar hand.

Sounding good, Kola!!!

Wait, you actually called this practicing? Hell no! 🥲🥲 I watched a pro playing. Melodious sound bro Well done.

Yes because I was still making mistakes while recording this video. I want to reach a stage where I can play the song from start to finish without mistakes on the first go. I have to focus on the notes, the rhythm, the effects etc...


Hahah,I got your point. I always imagine how those who do live shows play all the songs on the go Live;

However your video was amazing. Constant practice brings the perfect result.

That's why I don't do livestreams hahaha

And that’s something I’d love to see 😀
Maybe the title would include rehearsal so people don’t take it serious while you practice freely.

I've always wanted to learn how to play guitar.
Anyway, you're good at it! keep playin' and giving the world your music 😀

You should start learning, it's fun.

Well it seems(?!) straightforward so I guess it's an "easy" song if you know what you're doing XD Sounded pretty good :)

yes it's one of those I consider "easy" :-D

it's very fun with a very beautiful music sound, I also really like the guitar, but i only have a normal guitar. but I also like electric guitars, but if I have the money I think I want to buy an electric guitar too.

You can get very good used electric guitar stuffs at good price sometimes. Keep an eye out for them.

yes i hope so i can get an electric guitar at a good price i can afford.

Good performance bro. Congrats. I love how sounds and reminds me a lot to my childness. Keep going on

Thank you. One of the best manga with great soundtrack

Oooh suena hermosamente bien!! Disfruté cada acorde y tonada de tu guitarra ^-^

Noicceeee. Still remember the day you sang karaoke when I was in the Vietnamese Steem meet up hehehe

ooh that was a while ago.

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Wow, this is good.👍

I am a music lover, currently learning how to play piano 🎹 but haven't thought of learning guitar 🎸, looking at it from afar, I feel it might be a bit difficult for me to grab just like I am finding piano a bit difficult now.

Nice music 🎶

Veryy Good