New Meditation Album out now! Open All 7 Chakras

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Hey guys! 😊

How are you doing?
I´m great! Beeing very productive the last days. I always have the feeling I am too slow, but if I look back what I did the last 10 days, I can see that I´ve done alot. 😄

I am very busy preparing my special Halloween drop and party. But today, I have something different for you.

For a few years I also produce meditation and relaxation music.

I started this to help myself be able to study better. So I composed music which I always heard during learning and studying. From this time on, I composed also for other people. I made a few tracks for quite huge YouTube channels about meditation. One of these tracks has almost 900,000 views now! This is crazy! You can listen to this one here.

This time, I made a Chakra meditation album. This is supposed to help you open all 7 Chakras.

CD Cover Chakra-Meditationen.png

This album contains 7 tracks, one for each Chakra with a length each of about 20 minutes. And also 2 compilation tracks which contain all 7 Chakra musics in one track, to help you meditate through all 7 Chakras without having to take a break in between.

One version is the full length of all tracks, so with a total length of about 140 minutes, and the other one is a short version of all tracks one after the other, with a total length of about 45 minutes.

This track here is the first of track of the album, the music to open the first Chakra - Muladhara. It is the root chakra and stands for the foundation of the "energy body".

I added Binaural Beats to each of the tracks to enhance the effect. If you don´t know what Binaural Beats are, please read about it here.

You can find the whole album here:

Unfortunately, the long compilation track doesn´t work on Spotify. We already contacted the customer support, but didn´t get it to work yet. So for this long version, please use either Bandcamp or Apple Music.
Apple Music:

Btw: This album has been released through the crypto distribution service @blocktunes . So in case you are looking for a crypto distributor (the only one on the blockchain I know so far), you should have a look at BlockTunes! You cannot only distribute the music to all major stores, but also upload, mint it as an NFT and sell it on BlockTunes directly.

Well guys, I hope you like this music! As always, feedback is very welcome and helps me to achieve a better quality in upcoming releases. If you like this meditation stuff, you can have a look at my other Hive account @brain.candy where we upload only chilled and meditative music.

Best regards,

Raven 🐦

Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Such relaxing music great work Raven

Thank you so much! =) Happy you like it!

Firing up Spotify to give it listen right now! I feel like this will be good stuff for getting work done, I enjoy chill music when needing to write (usually).

That´s great! Happy you like it and that it helps you! :) We have more albums out on Spotify:

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Very nice. I just put on for the whole family at breakfast. Great work.

Happy you like it! Thanks for listening to it and showing it to others! :) !PIZZA

I can't really give an opinion on this as I have never listened to a lot of meditation music or even understand what this chakra thing is all about. I did try listening to various parts though and it's not for me. I hope someone who knows more about meditation music can give you a good review.


That´s alright. :) It´s not for everyone. It helps me alot to calm down. That´s why I listen to this kind of music very often and also produce it myself.
Thanks alot for listening to parts of it anyways!! :) I appreciate it!

Yeah, I never gotten into meditation, so I guess that's why. It was different than any meditation music I ever heard though.
You know I will at least give a listen to anything you put out, even if it's not my cup of tea.
You are most welcome!


Yeah it´s not easy to get into meditation really.. I am still struggeling often but experienced that it really helps me.
Thanks so much! I appreciate this alot! !PIZZA !LUV

Congrats on your new album.

Thank you! =)


Nice Change Raven! You are AWESOME person. Congrats and I wish you a lot of succes, you deserve it.

Thank you so much! =) I appreciate it! Happy for your constant support! !PIZZA

Nice work

Thanks! I appreciate it! :)


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This is awesome, thank you ❤️

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