Final day of the street photography challenge | 15 rolls

Well we are at the end of my little project that was designed to bring me back to shooting and posting more regularly, and more importantly make me fall in love with street photography again. It took me more than I planned, approximately 25 days for 15 solid daily collections. Life gets in the way sometimes so I wasn't able to walk around every day. It was worth it though. I work best when I have somewhat of a plan but not entirely strict. A blueprint but with the option to improvise and skip days when I don't feel like doing it.

In this short period of time I got to shoot more than in the previous year. And not just that, but I captured many photos I'm really happy with and that will potentially end up in my yearly street photobook if I decide to make one. I think I will speak about my favorites in one of the future posts.

The plan is to continue to shoot regularly and share more about my process of how I go about creating these photo stories, so stay tuned. I'll throw in a few leftovers from the day before at the end of this post.

I hope my effort brought you a little closer to appreciating/loving good street photography. It is a fun and unpredictable genre and the beauty in it is that you never know what you're gonna get.

Anyway, here are the photos from day 15. It was still raining in Belgrade and I also sneaked inside my old university and made a few shots there. Photos taken with Fuji X-Pro2 and 35mm F/2 lens.

This challenge is designed to push me to shoot more, think more about what I'm shooting and also to start posting more regularly. It's supposed to imitate shooting a film camera, 1 roll each day and posting the results. Recently I shot a roll of Kodak film and it inspired me to bring this series back. Here are the general guidelines:

- Create up to 36 photographs each day
- Select and post at least 10 photographs
- Don't look at images on the LCD screen


Wow, you had rain!! I am jealous lol, it would be great if a bit of rain would cool down this Spanish ground...

The couple in the tram is sweet 😍 and the woman crossing the crosswalk has an interesting umbrella.

Oh, the expression of the woman (photo 11), who probably just had a short break from her work to smoke is so powerful. Maybe she is thinking:

a) When I can get home?

b) How could I have just a bit of vacation?

c) This rain came as a blessing. Nobody buys ice cream now so I can smoke!

d) The photo of me will appear on Hive.

Or nothing from this hahaha

You did very well with your challenge. It gave awesome results for your gallery, and it also made you go out and walk. Congrats. And what now? A new, different challenge?

Haha yeah the woman with the cigar went back to work shortly after I took the shot. She sells sweets btw. And by her expression I would say she's hoping for a vacation soon. :) I like the image of a lady on the crosswalk with the Church behind.

And now more regular walking and shooting. I must not let the momentum die off. :) Might come up with a new challenge or a project. Two things I always wanted is asking strangers for portraits (outside of my comfort zone) and shoot videos of my street photography adventures. I'm also thinking about combining photos and words in a poetic, storytelling way, I just need to work on my writing talent.

Thanks for following along!

Nice photos and you even did a nice write up to their presentation but what sort of was startling was the fact you had this many comments and never felt compelled to give any of them an upvote in appreciation. It's not like you didn't make a nifty sum to spread a little around.

Thanks! You should have done a better background check. I almost always upvote sincere comments on my posts unless my VP is very low, even though my upvote is not worth much, and I check authors' profiles to see if I can curate some of their posts. I have been curating basically every single day for the past 6 years with Curie and am sure to say no other person on Hive and Steemit has done more. So yeah, I do try to give back to the community, it was always my primary motivation.

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The place looks very beautiful and you have taken such a good shot of the place, friend Thank you very much for providing us with pictures that can cheer us up.

Glad you enjoyed the tour!

Increíbles imágenes tienes mucho talento ✌️ saludos

Cool photos .... also I like this first photo very :)

Thank you very much! :)

Npr ... not stop and find more :)

So many amazing ones. I wish I was good at those. I always get very shy point the camera in other people directions! ehehhe

It can be hard at first especially for introverts. Gets easier over time.

The photos are beautiful. You did a great job. I am also an amateur photographer. Your photos inspired me :)

Thank you so much!

Very beautiful photos. Very inspiring and each photo gives a different kind of vibe for such a beautiful day 😍

I'm happy you liked them! :)

I want to see more of your works 😊

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I so much admire street life and taking photos of some good street scene makes a great task. The photo of the lady smoking 🚬 is very catching perhaps she's aware you wanted taking a photograph of her and she gave in. And it seem to rain on the day you took some of the photos there. Great challenge I'm sure you now have a thousand and one street photographs to amaze us here daily.

Wow! Awesome work! Thanks for share! Love so much street photography!

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The hallway shot is kinda eerie, though or maybe it's just how I view it. It made me the imoression that I wouldn't dare walk in there at night. 😅

hey, I just found u ( thanks Photography Lovers ) And I really like your work. I've been working with portraits and self-portrait the past 5 years, but I admire the street photography work, is other experiencie!! please stay sharing your pictures!! I wanna see moreee.

Greetings from Venezuela.