Friday night street photography | 15 rolls in 15 days - Day 2

The challenge continues. This time I decided to wait for the nightfall and hit the streets then. I prefer shooting at night but with summer, and night being so short it's tougher to organize in such a way. Additionally, it was Friday night so the streets where full of young people and couples ready to have a good time.

You can see I was using different neon lights as a source that brightens the subject. With their faces lit up and dark background they really pop in the composition. I was also playing with complementary colors - blues and yellows/oranges work well together, same with reds and greens.

Shooting wide open at F/2 and 1/125 speed is challenging, you really have to stand still and hope your subjects aren't going too fast. Occasionally, if the scene allows it, I bump the SS to 1/250 and risk having more grain. I'm quite happy with the results and how the camera handled low light situations.

This challenge is designed to push me to shoot more, think more about what I'm shooting and also to start posting more regularly. It's supposed to imitate shooting a film camera, 1 roll each day and posting the results. Recently I shot a roll of Kodak film and it inspired me to bring this series back. Here are the general guidelines:

- Create up to 36 photographs each day
- Select and post at least 10 photographs
- Don't look at images on the LCD screen

Hope you'll enjoy and follow along.


These are so cool. Street photography at night is so awesome when you get the lighting right.

Yes! There are so many possibilities to experiment with at night. It's a whole different genre compared to daytime.

Wow, you're pushing yourself hard with these requirements. That's #Hardcore.

- Create up to 36 photographs each day
- Select and post at least 10 photographs
- Don't look at images on the LCD screen

Love the shots, did you ask these people permission before/after? These shots are nice. Awesome!

Thank you so much, Ruben! In general, as a street photographer, I don't ask for permission since the goal is to capture spontaneous moments. I would also like to start taking street portraits at some point as well.

Nice man! So, I guess the next step would be approaching people and talk to them to nail those portraits! :) You got this!

Yes! It will be a good challenge for me as an introvert but I'm looking forward to it. :) Thanks!

I know how that feels, lmao. But I bet you'll succeed and find a way to be still introverted as well as approachable :)

Wonderfull shots! the one with the cellphone`s light on the face of the girl is pure art.

Thank you so much! Yes, I was immediately drawn to her when I saw her face lit up. Small details can make or break the image.

Very cool photos... moments well captured. I liked the "challenge" behind it as well.

Glad you like the idea and the results! :) Thanks!

You really capture people's activity really well. In my opinion, your photos are not only of good quality, but also keep them alive in the art of photography.

Congratulations on your excellent work, @alcibiades

Thank you very much! Glad you saw more than just simple captures in the photos I shared.

I love photography of people and streets where you show their daily activities, I think you managed to capture this in a very cool way, amazing photos @alcibiades 🔥

I'm so glad you liked this. Thank you! 🙏

That colours make the image more fascinating

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Day 2 looks amazing! Keep on going 💪🏻

Thank you so much! :D

nice shots mate, may i ask about your gear and the lens you use?

Glad you found the solution for the problem. :) Thank you!