Happy New Year to you all !

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Hello and welcome to this new cycle of the Dragon dear Hivers 🐲! I hope you're doing great and I wish you all the best, to you and your family !

Health, love for some, success in your projects. All this requires as much a helping hand from destiny as a discipline at all times. Life is a mixture of opportunities that you know how to seize and others that you don't even see coming.

As the year draws to a close, I personally lack that discipline, both here on HIVE and in my offline life... Nothing serious, but I'm writing this little testimonial so that I can come back to it later in the year and use it as a reminder.



I haven't yet shown you these images of the garden in autumn. The reason I've chosen to share them today is that when I looked at them again a few days ago, they made me think of all the changes and developments that are taking place and those that are still to come.

I could also have chosen spring as a theme, but I didn't have any images of the house at that time - we only got the keys last July !


I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful interactions we've had together. I don't necessarily want to mention the people mentioned in the previous sentence. A relationship is built by two people and I'm sure you'll recognize yourself !



To those of you who haven't heard from me since Christmas, I apologize. The family reunion at the end of the year was beautiful and full of energy, and it's energy that I haven't been able to put elsewhere !

I'm sorry about that, but I also believe that sometimes it's good to let things slide. Don't you think so ? In any case, I'll do my best to get back to you soon !


I'd like to thank you once again for all your energy, for all the wonderful discussions we've had and for all the wonderful human and natural discoveries you've invited me to make !

Once again, I wish you all the best and a happy transition into the new year of 2024 !

I also took the opportunity of this article to add a few more HIVE to the total for My HIVE POWER... Knowing that I'll have reached my objectives for the year on that front too... I crossed the 40,000 HP mark a few weeks ago !



Toutes les images présentées ici sont les miennes.

Bonjour et bienvenue dans ce nouveau cycle du Dragon chers Hivers 🐲 ! J'espère que vous allez bien et je vous souhaite tout le meilleur, à vous, ainsi qu'à votre famille !

Santé, amour pour certains, réussites dans vos projets. Tout cela demande autant des coups de pouce du destin qu'une discipline de tous les instants. La vie est un mélange de chances que l'on sait saisir et d'autres que l'on ne voit même pas passer.

En cette fin d'année, j'aurai personnellement manqué de cette discipline, ici sur HIVE comme dans ma vie hors-ligne... Rien de grave, mais j'écris ce petit témoignage pour éventuellement le retrouver plus tard dans l'année et que celui-ci puisse alors jouer le rôle d'un rappel.



Je ne vous avais pas encore montré ces quelques images du jardin en automne. Si j'ai choisi de les partager aujourd'hui, c'est qu'en les revoyant il y a quelques jours, celles-ci m'ont faites penser à tous les changements et les évolutions en cours et à venir.

J'aurai pu aussi choisir comme thème le printemps, mais je n'avais alors pas d'images de la maison à cette période, nous n'avons eu les clefs qu'en juillet dernier !


Je tiens à tous vous remercier pour ces belles interactions que nous avons pu avoir ensemble. Je ne souhaite pas forcément mentionner les personnes évoquées dans la phrase précédente. Une relation se construit à deux et je suis sûr que vous vous reconnaitrez !



À tous ceux auxquels je n'ai pas répondu depuis Noël, je vous prie de bien vouloir m'excuser. Les retrouvailles familiales de fin d'année ont été belles et intenses en énergie et c'est une énergie que je n'ai pas pu mettre ailleurs..!

Je le regrette, mais je crois aussi qu'il est bon de parfois aussi laisser filer les choses. Vous ne pensez pas ? Sachez bien en tout cas, je ferai mon possible pour vous répondre prochainement !


Je vous remercie une nouvelle fois pour votre énergie, nos beaux échanges et pour toutes les belles découvertes humaines et naturelles auxquelles vous m'aurez convié !

Merci encore, je vous souhaite de nouveau tout le meilleur ainsi qu'un bon passage dans la nouvelle année 2024 !

J'ai aussi profité de cet article pour rajouter quelques HIVE au total de Mon HIVE POWER... Tout en sachant que j'aurai aussi atteins mes objectifs de l'année sur ce plan-là... J'ai franchi la ligne des 40,000 HP il y a quelques semaines !



Toutes les images présentées ici sont les miennes.


Happy new year to you dear @anttnand your family! And may 2024 be one of the best years of your life!

Thank you very much dear @aaskablackwolf :D

I wish you the same and I can also add the future years to come in the count 😘

I hope you're doing well and that you had good holidays ! Take care dear 😇

Thank you so much @anttn 😍
So far I'm doing great! Enjoying the last calm days before business is going to have me back. 😆

Enjoying the last calm days before business is going to have me back. 😆

You're definitely right on that move or non-move hehe ! Rest is essential, at least in my personal philosophy 😂

Oh, it definitely is! :D I totally second that.
And I had a good time to relax and recharge the mental batteries. So back to business tomorrow :D

Wish you happy new year.

Have great year

Thank you dear, I wish you a great year as well :))


Thanks @mrprofessor :))

I wish you a great one to you !

Happy new year to you! I wish you a wonderful year ahead.
!discovery 42

Thank you very much @esther-emmanuel :)

May 2024 be kind and prosperous to you too !

Happy new year♥️.. wishing you a prosperous year ahead.

Thank you kindly @asiaymalay 😘 !

I send you my best wishes as well 😇

Thank you❤️

On se croirait en début d'automne, mdr ...

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Oui, c'est en effet l'époque de ces images haha :)

Bonne année à toi ✌️

Have a great 2024!

Thanks you !!

May this year be kind to you too 😉 !

Some great shots of yours today, I love this atmosphere.
Happy new year, hopefully in this new year you and your family can be even more successful in the future 👐

Thank you very much @furkanmamplam :)

Have my best wishes for this new year !

I hope this year becomes one of your best years
Also, I hope you take Hive more seriously and your online life as a whole
Happy new year!

Many many thanks dear @rafzat !

I wish you the best for this New Year too 😇

These images are so beautiful, it's a good thing have such beautiful memories 🥰.

It has been a really great privilege getting to know someone like you, I'm glad we made it to a new year, I wish you success in your project and even beyond.

Happy new year Anttn 🤍

Many thanks dear 😇

I'm too very glad for all the beautiful encounters here !

May this year be kind and successful to you ✌️😘

I agree that from time to time it is worth thinking about the meaning and purpose of life. And autumn photos are a good option for this.

Who knows, man? Maybe you'll become an Orca in the new year! A little laziness is not a problem, in fact we all need it. Getaways are necessary. I hope all your wishes come true in the new year!

Hey dear @incublus ! First thing first, I wish you an Happy New Year 2024, may this one be successful and rich in adventures for you !!!

Who knows, man? Maybe you'll become an Orca in the new year!

Haha, this could even be possible ^^ !

I hope you're doing well, take good care ✌️😉

Yeah I'm doing well, thank you so much for asking! And I wish the same for you :)

Nice !

Thank you, have a good evening :)

We also have all four seasons in our lives, and we float on the oceans up and down in all of them.
May this New Year also be kind to you!

Mmh, I like the idea of an ocean made of different layers.. This is a good one about opening a 4th dimension !

Many thanks @papilloncharity 😇

I hope this one will be rich to you... and therefore for the world !

Thank you, and I would say a hidden dimension, as not everyone is aware of it.

I share your hopes and may this year also be kind to you @anttn !LOL

You're right ! And what is funny is whether we are aware of it or not, everyone navigates these levels-layers. But it's still more interesting to navigate while knowing it :)

Yep, you are also right, and during the down times it is a gift to know about it, as one would know how to manage it better. Many times, one can avoid it and rise back up much faster.
Just the way of life.


Mmh, I love these kinds of reflections mixed with questions about the way we conceive the events of our daily lives and the people we meet in our lives !

Thank you for this nourishing exchange @papilloncharity, I wish you a great weekend ✌️

As long as love shines through one, everything will be okay.

Thank you also and hope that your weekend is good @anttn !LOL

I did a similar thing writing down a post that sooner or later will come handy as a reminder of how I should think about future and what the plans I make should look like. Either way, I hope 2024 will be a beautiful and safer year for all of us, including hive which has so much potential but somehow is still underrated. Happy New Year! 🎆🎇

Yes, I find it's always fascinating to find those little notes left by ourselves, whether intentionally or not! It often says a lot about our level of understanding of what we're experiencing at the time of writing and reflection :)

Thank you for you wish dear, I hope this new year will be kind and successful for you 😘 !!

Exactly!! Thank you too ❤️😘

Happy New Year anttn.wishing you a happy, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous new year 2024.
Greetings from India.:)

Many many thanks dear Hindavi 😀

I wish you a successful and healthy year as well !

I also hope you're having some good time in India :)

Hugs from the Normandy countryside ✌️

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