There is Beauty in the Thorns !

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Haha, if we start directly with the thorns, then the year is off to a positive start in contrast ^^ ! Holly has always been a plant I've enjoyed. The more I find out about it, the more I learn about its various uses and medicinal applications.

The wood made excellent tool handles. It's a dense wood that takes a long time to grow, a bit like boxwood, which produces an even harder, clearer wood.

This has yet to be confirmed, but the leaves could be used to make infusions to combat fever and boost the immune system.


But let's move on to these images I took on a recent walk...


The weather was fine that day and as we were on the move, I wasn't able to stop for as long as I would have liked, but I'm still very pleased with these. As with all my recent articles, I'm using my NIKON camera with a 35mm lens.

I have a feeling that soon I'll have to change my frame a bit to make progress in my photography... for the moment, I'm still hesitating between a 50mm or a wider-angle lens. I'll have to wait and see !


I think the green leaves, edged with yellow, contrast beautifully with the carpet of orange leaves...


DSC_0087 copy.jpg

But finally, here are my favorite images, like a collection of small suspended vessels, all covered in thorns and which, from a certain point of view, seem very soft and beautiful.

Do you, too, sometimes or often find yourself drawn to contrasts and find interest in things that you wouldn't find beautiful at first glance ?

Thank you for visiting and reading !

Good night or day to you all, and take care,



All texts and images presented here are my own.

Haha, si on commence directement avec les épines, alors c'est que l'année commence positivement en contraste ^^ ! Le houx a toujours été une plante que j'ai apprécié. Plus je m'y intéresse, plus j'en apprends sur les différentes utilisations et usages médicinaux de cette plante.

Avec le bois, on faisait d'excellents manches d'outils. C'est un bois dense qui met du temps à pousser, un peu comme le buis qui produit un bois encore plus dur et clair.

Cela reste à confirmer, mais avec les feuilles, on pourrait faire des infusions contre la fièvre et pour renforcer le système immunitaire.


Mais passons un peu plus à ces images que j'ai prises lors d'une récente promenade...


Il faisait beau ce jour-là et comme nous étions en marche, je n'ai pas pu m'arrêter aussi longtemps que je l'aurai souhaité, mais je suis tout de même très satisfait par celles-ci. Comme pour tous mes récents articles, je suis équipé de mon appareil NIKON avec un objectif de 35mm.

Je sens que bientôt, il faudra que je change un peu de cadre pour avancer dans ma pratique... pour le moment, j'hésite encore un peu entre un 50mm ou bien un plus grand angle. On verra bien !


Je trouve que les feuilles vertes ourlées de jaune contrastent merveilleusement bien avec le tapis de feuilles orangées...


DSC_0087 copy.jpg

Mais voilà pour terminer mes images préférées, comme un rassemblement de petits vaisseaux en suspensions, tout bardés d'épines et qui, d'un certain point de vue, me semble très douces et belles.

Est-ce que vous aussi, il vous arrive parfois ou souvent, d'être attiré par les contrastes et de trouver de l'intérêt dans des choses que l'on ne trouverait pas belles au premier abord ?

Je vous remercie pour votre visite et votre lecture !

Bonne nuit ou journée à tous, prenez soin de vous,



Tous les textes et images présentés ici sont les miens.


You had a fantastic walk and I love the pictures you took
Nice one!

Thank you kindly dear 😇

@tipu curate

Many thanks dear @annepink 😇

Have a very happy and successful New Year !

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Many thanks dear !

Have a good day ahead ✌️😀

That's interesting to have those thorns as photography subjects. The last two photos look like a herb of bats.

Indeed, I love to show attention to little details ;)

You're right, I didn't see that when taking those, but now I cannot not see it haha 😅

Thank you @dodovietnam !

A very unusual shape of the leaves. It seems that you can cut yourself on them))

Indeed ! Maybe not badly, but it's quite spiky !!

Finding beauty in the thorns is a poetic and profound perspective. Your thoughtful reflection on nature's paradoxical charm is inspiring.
Beautifully expressed!

Thank you kindly dear @rem-steem :)

I like the simple complexity and the complex simplicity of words and pictures 😅

I hope you're doing well 😘

I never seen that kinds of plants here in our country and its very attractive to see, the shape of the leaves is just like a bat. You did a good job and perfect for your photography my friend.,👏👍

Thank you dear @godslove123 !

Maybe, this one isn't growing where you live (?)

Have a good weekend 😀

Maybe. That Is why I really like and appreciated those plants you shared here. Have a nice day too. 😊

Ivy is such a majestic plant especially when heavy with fruit, I never knew it was of value to the him an system, you have stimulated my inquisitiveness! The less artificial drugs we pump into ourselves the better

Oh, no, it's the holly, hehe ! For ivy, I think it's even toxic for humans !!

But agree, artificial drugs are to avoid to the max... even in the idea to use them when we really need them :)

I wish you an Happy New Year, may this one be kind to you 😇

Cheers and a happy new year to you too @anttn , stay safe and healthy

Many thanks dear 😇


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Thank you kindly @jasonmunapasee 😇 !

I hope you're doing well :)

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Indeed !

Have a enjoyable weekend !