Surrounded By Green

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For a long time, I thought green was my favorite color. In fact, I like all colors almost equally and it's only feelings and passions that make one color stand out. My passion for the sea compels me to choose blue but green is immediately, very close.

When there is a lot of green around, when I realize I am surrounded by green, I forget a little about the sea and the sky and let myself be conquered by the green. Like on this walk through one of my favorite parks in Bucharest, the city where I humbly spend my life.


This is quite a small park, it fits into a pit where once, a couple of hundred years ago there was a brick factory. In this pit was also a spring that fed a small lake.


A lake is too much to say, it's just a pond. A pond with wild ducks, wild frogs, and pigeons in the trees along the banks.


There are other waterfowl but I don't know their names. These birds have recently appeared in city parks that have lakes. They have become accustomed to people feeding them. Especially in winter when the lake freezes over. Then it is very hard for them but luckily they survive, especially with the help of the people who come every day to feed them.


This is Circus Park. It takes its name from the Metropolitan Circus building, which is located here.


Well, I'm no longer passionate about the circus, probably in my childhood there was some attraction but now it has passed. What attracts me to this park, and that's secondly, is a certain resemblance to the park in the movie Blow-up, an old movie from 1964, my favorite movie.

Not coincidentally, I took the liberty of posting a GIF I made of footage from this film. It fits our community because the main character is a photographer!

I'm going back to the park and saying now what is the main reason I love this park away from my home. The main reason is the lotuses! This pond fills up in summer with beautiful pink lotuses.

These lovely flowers bloom in July and I came to the park to watch the first leaves appear over the water.




I mentioned that this pond is supplied with water from an old spring. A few years ago the spring almost dried up and as a consequence, the pond ran out of water. This meant the death of the lotus.

Fortunately and almost unexpectedly, the city council acted quickly (that's why I said unexpectedly because usually, the city council reacts very slowly and late) and installed an artesian fountain to feed the pond. For that alone and for me it is enough to forgive them for many of their sins.




The park is primarily for walking. I took a walk around the pond. I noticed a grandmother walking with her granddaughter.


I tried to imagine what was in their minds. Surely the old lady has a lot of worries, memories, and regrets... and the very young granddaughter has only wishes. I say this from experience, thinking of myself and my granddaughter.

Time flies when you feel good! I had to leave my park, not before taking another look at the sea of green crossed by a column of water.



I wrote this post also thinking about #SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a and #beautifulsunday by @ace108.


Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors that I can easily make.


Hey Bluemoon, it's been a while!

And man, I love the photos and I'm quite sure I'd be delirious with joy if I were there. Love me some green myself.

I'm moving to a place with lots of green myself in a couple of weeks. This will be the view from my balcony.

Hi, @notacinephile, what a pleasure to see you! Apologies for the so late reply but I was on a trip last week.

Very nice and green view from your new place, glad you are in a place you like.

All the best!

Ah, you like a colourful life but this green is nice. It represents things are alive and it looks nice at this Circus Park

This is such a beautiful place for a walk. I love the pond, birds and nature all around here. It is really philosophical what you said about the grandmother and granddaughter, it got me thinking about my childhood how all that filled my little head was wishes and optimistic thoughts.

Thank you, @nevies! I was away last week and couldn't respond.

You are so green today, I might have thought you were Irish! It's beautiful, Dan! @bluemoon The park is a worthy visit almost any time of the year, but, especially in the dawn of Spring and Summer. Actually, Fall is beautiful too. It is hard to find a bad time here.

Did you ever go to that circus or has it been closed for a long time?

The lotus will be stunning once again, I do love it when your water gives up the flowers in July. I love the blue of the sea, but, the green surrounds me on a daily basis and gives me hope that life will be good again someday.

Have a wonderful trip, my friend! I will see you when you get back!

I love the blue of the sea, but, the green surrounds me on a daily basis and gives me hope that life will be good again someday.

I hope so too, @dswigle, especially when I think of children and grandchildren... when I think of all the children! I hope the world doesn't return to the darkness of the past... Yes, blue and green are in great competition.

I'm back from a pleasant trip, I have much to show and tell. I hope you are well and equally optimistic!

For the children! I agree! We need to hand over the world, one better than we received. That is how its done. To keep it spinning in the positive motion. Green and blue is the way to go!

I look forward to hearing snd seeing about your trip! I am very eell, thank you!

I'm really glad you're okay. You're a phenomenon that you manage to maintain such a good mood with yourself and probably around you!

The evolution of the world depends on so many factors that I'm scared of right now. You say that "We need to hand over the world" but the world is so divided, so many interests, so much cynicism and lying... oh, I don't want to make you sad too.

We had a very nice short holiday, I have a lot to show, I already started my series about Sibiu yesterday. I hope to manage as many posts as possible.


My head is not in t h e sand. There is much to be sad about, but there are so many that feel like we do, I hope to rise together.

Cynicism, lying, corrupt, deceit- you name it. People wear it like a badge of honor. I can only hope that good will prevail. It's all we can do. That or become as bad as them, which isn't an option.

I was away most of thecweekend and before, so I am justcstarting on my markets!

Some of the nicest people from TSU came from Sibiu! Incredible beauty and the views!! I can't wait!!

Of course, no chance of that happening!

You had a good weekend, I understand. I'm glad!

Yes, I met many nice people in Sibiu too.
When I think that I was also at TSU from the beginning and was quite active but never had the chance to meet you..., better late than never!

I know! I probably joined later than you! Most of the Romanians joined Facebook and stayed there. Remember Deli Busca? Carmen? She passed away a few months ago. :(

I was most likely not as active as you. I had a father who was just starting to age, not so gracefully.

But, yes!! I am glad to have met you!

Thanks for saying that!
I don't remember anything from TSU, anyway I wasn't very sociable, not too good at social networking.

I think we have loved the green life much more than before the pandemic. I can say that I didn't use to care the green life and animals this much until the pandemic. Now it is quite different for me. This is the positive side of the pandemic.

Yes, strange as it may seem, there were positive effects after the pandemic!

Ah nice! I have a #sublimesunday post on deck too after spending my day surrounded by green too!


Green is a good colour.

Green is everywhere now, what have you got there? Raspberry, mint?

Yay! 🤗
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