Puthiya Bhagavathi Theyyam

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Portrait of the Puthiya Bhagavathy theyyam

This beautiful theyyam is from a small and serene kavu near Pariyaram, Kannur Kerala. The performer is dressed up in red and covers his body with tender coconut leaves. I was little late to arrive and some of the torches were no more burning.


The fiery deity wields a sword and dances to the wild rythmes of the drums .


The deity is blessing a worshipper ...


Details: This is a series from documenting the Theyyam ritual art. All the photos are taken with Nikon Z9.


Looking at the first photo I thought it was a statute made of stone. Then ypur explanation told me that this is a human.

How well he is balancing those caps or umbrella (whatever is right to call them), along withb fire. It 8s speaking of the performer level of practice and perfection

Their make up is outstanding.

The caps are called as "mudi" which means big crown. They might be practicing for years to reach the perfection

Ahaa! An information for me.

Thanks for telling 😊

it's a great show.

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What a marvelous experience to be able to attend in person 👀

Yea, these ritual events are amazing to attend. Being said, that anyone who is traveling in the area is welcome to attend.

Well... more traveling and more exposure to experience is the dream.

Until then we live vicariously on the internet of amazing things. 💕