Photography Contest - Macro Theme - Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

This morning I passed by my wild strawberries that are currently starting to grow. Their little leaves caught my attention as they were holding tiny drops off water. Like Swarovski crystals they lined up on the leaves, decorating each of them in a unique way.

Through macro photography you can bring the spotlight on them. It enhances not only the leave itself, but also the perfection nature is creating.

Some drops are perfect round spheres of life, while others are a reflection of different shapes. A tiny leave can become big through macro and the lotus effect is getting the attention it deserves.

You don't have to be a pro per se to take great pictures. These days you don't even have to have a super pricy equipment as most smartphones take decent pictures, as you can see below.

Even professional photographers having their own businesses are sometimes shooting with a smartphone.

All it takes is a good eye and an understanding of perspective. But most of all it takes passion, the passion of capturing life in all its forms, of capturing scenes and situations, objects, people, the full spectrum of what is visible through our eyes.

You can see the passion in a picture, you can see the love towards a captured scene. For that you don't have to be a professional, knowing all the tech specs, you just have to have passion for it.

Now enjoy tranquil strawberry leaves enhanced through macro photography

As I just discovered that there is a contest hosted now, which made me super happy for whatever reason, I am taking the chance of using these pictures as an entry as an Amateur Tier.

I can only urge everyone to read the rules for the Photography Contest and to put all your love into taking pictures.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the pictures and what you would consider an Amateur or a Professional. I am looking forward to some engagement.

You can always take a look at my blog to see more pictures taken with my smartphone.



Wow.. Such amazing shots 😍
Those close ups are incredleble and I LOVE how you captured them with the rain drops.
When you se a drop in the middle and on the leafs, it almost looks like it melts in.. Magic.

Thank you for sharing and inspire.
I yet have to learn macro and playing with professional shots.
Cheers 🌸

Thanks for liking them 😊 Strawberries are maaaaagic period 😄 They are my favorites but pssssst 🤫

What are you using to take pics?

And strawberries are delicious to 😋 Yummy.. Lol
Not pssst.. Your pictures really are amazing, really showing another side of strawberries 😁
Close ups can get so cool from the simplest of objects.
I use my Huawei p30 PRO, that is my camera and all else 😁 lol

Cool, I am using the same. I mentioned already that I am really impressed with the Huawei, esp the macros. All my pics on Hive were taken with it.

✊ 🍓

Cool shots. Thanks for participating in the contest.

Thanks for hosting it ;)

Something about droplets
They are mesmerizing...
Enjoyed the shots along with the Beatles hehe
That's one of my favourite songs from them :D

Lots of wisdom in that song...and it has strawberries in it 😄 .

I agree with the droplets, they are life, full of information and these days every little drop is valuable.

Water is becoming the new gold, just sucks that again the big We-Ruin-The-World-Companies are making money with it and holding water hostage. Thinking about Nestlé here. Criminals...but I am drifting usual lol.

Thanks for stoping 🤗

Very cool photos - and yeah I love that song (really anything by Lennon, for the most part). Lots of Paul is Dead symbols in that video too - "nothing is real" indeed...

Thanks my friend...yah the song is old but new. Gets one thinking.

realy enjoyed! amazing!

Thanks, glad you liked what you saw :).

Any simplicity can exalt beauty. Very nice shots.😍

Thanks, appreciate your words 😊

This is really cool i love photographing and looking at flowers, leaves and plants with water droplets on them your photos are awesome. I will look into this contest thanks for the heads up 👍

Hey thanks, if you find the time join in, as long as it is fun 😄.

I will certainly join in I remember
@derangedvisions doing this contest before am happy to see him back doing it again it will be a pleasure to join in the fun 😊

Yah a nice challenge once in a while gets the brain cells firing lol.

Totally agree macro photography is challenging and fun 🤤

But the good thing about macro, besides being awesome, is that you don't even have to leave the house to find motives. Everything can be viewed through the lense of macro. 😁

You certainly have a point there and so true beauty is all around us with macro 😊