Koh Mai Si Yai Homestay, Koh Chang Thailand

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About 300 kilometers south of Bangkok lies the Trat Province and the beautiful Koh Mai Si Island area.Koh Mai Si is one part of several islands called the Kurt Islands. On the western part of the island is terrific homestay tourist area. We had some friends that had visited and told us it’s must visit.
Of course you have the usual beautiful Thai beaches with sorts of water activities. If you are beachwalker or coral reef deep sea diving enthusiast…you will be quite happy.

The water is crystal clear aqua blue in color. When you go out on a boat or canoe, you will be amazed at how beautiful undisturbed nature can be.

Don’t look for much signs of western life influences do disturb your private holiday away from noise and bust citiy life.
The homestay accommodations were more than acceptable as we would make dialy plans to take in as much nature as possible.
The locals were so friendly. The boat captain and various island workers always had a big smile and courteous way to help all.


I have som many wonderful photos of the beaches and turquoise waters.


Obviously, the fresh water fishing and the ability to catch your dinner is an amazing experience. Needless to say,the fish was delicious.
If you are a camera enthusiast, you will the most beautiful sunsets to capture and landscape treasures.
We never had a boring day. The weather was terrific most of the time.
The locals have their own way of life and it’s nice to see so many people who take care of this beautiful paradise.

You have to remind yourself that this is Mother Nature. You can see wild animals as you take in more of the island.
The meals were delicious and simple. Living off the land and sea…and of course some great cooks.

The photograph composition was easy to assemble for the nature shots.

We will miss our island stay and who knows at another time we can be back.

Koh Mai Si will give all Bangkok travelers another view of Thailand. There are so many beautiful islands in southern Thailand, I hope you have a chance to visit.


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Thank you so much

I have been in KoTao and Kossamui (not sure I write right): I experienced exactly what you wrote in this amazing post.

Thanks for sharing beauty!

and a huge hug! 🤗



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I living in Pattaya….welcome to meeting up and go for photo shoot

I have an Italian friend living in Pattaya: he opened an Italian restaurant... 😜

I think you can eat some Very tasty !PIZZA 🍕



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Thank you I will check it out….what is the name of Italian restaurant?

Cute lanc foodie;))

Thank you

I so love the photos, especially the first one.😍

Thank you for visit my post

Looks really beautiful. I think homestays can be a pretty good way for sustainable eco-tourism. Haven't done any in Thailand but have done a few in Taiwan and Japan and they were pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing the pics.

There are many beautiful homestay locations very peaceful

Amazing photography showing the natural beauty and action filled activites one can see/do in Thailand! You make me want to grab my passport, pack a suitcase and book a flight to come visit! @chukeow🧳🛃🇹🇭

Please, let me know if you are can travel to Thailand, I can be a tour guy for you ….Thank you for you compliments

Very kind of you to offer being my private tour guide and Thailand definitely is on my bucketlist to visit one day!

Thanks for the follow! Have a great weekend!☀️

Very welcome 🙏🏼

Wow it's a trully paradise. Hope that the covid will end soon and everyone can go there again.

I hope they open the country again we missed our tourist. Thank you so much for your compliments

WHAT BEUTYFUL PHOTOS MY FRIEND! thank you for sharing them with us, and thank you for yuor curating efforts too @pixresteemer account

Que hermoso lugar! Me encantaron sus bellísimas playas, excelentes fotos.