Photography contest - Portraits (35 photos)

Dear Hivean friends,

Hope you are having a nice weekend!
I am having a great one and I would like to crown it with nice post.

By now most of you already know that new photography contest is in town. It is hosted by Photography Lovers Community or better say @derangedvisions.
Last two themes (animals, landscape) were very popular and we were able to see many great entries. I also did two posts reflected with theme of each week and I am happy that I received so many comments. I will try to keep that pattern in the future as well, continuing this week with theme PORTRAITS.
I know that the host really likes this theme, so I had to put extra effort in order not to disappoint our community leader :) I also like taking photos of people, but only on travels and not on all travels, but only the ones where cultural difference is big. Browsing through my archive I didn't find any portrait photo from Europe and North America, just few of them from South America and thousands of them from Africa and hundreds from Asia. Usually I value first three continents the most connected with photography overall, especially landscape. But as the theme is different now I had to focus on other destinations. Ethiopia stands out as the majority of photos there are connected with people photography. It is an amazing experience visiting all these tribes and meeting their culture. Other African destinations I visited also offer a great mix of nature beauties and cultural heritage. From Asia I can say I only visited Indonesia in the way that photography was big part of my travel. That reflects in my photos as I have a lot to show from Indonesian travel back in 2017, portrait photography included.

I don’t want to be too long in my intro as there is quite a lot of photos waiting on you below, so let me just invite you to participate at the contest at the following link.

Enjoy and please share your view on the best portrait photography from the selection below!

Ethiopia - 2020
















Namibia - 2015

g 184.JPG

g 192.JPG

g 211.JPG

g 308.JPG

g 685.JPG

South African Republic - 2016






Indonesia - 2017












You know I am more into photos of nature and animals than people but I must say this is one of the most impressive photo collections I have ever seen here. Fascinating captures Andy.

Ohhhh now I blushed :)
If you say one of the most impressive photo collections, than I really have to be proud on my work. You seen so many amazing photos here on social networks already and create so many memories from your personal travel experiences that your comment has extra weight on it.

Well deserved recognition my friend ;) You should be proud on your work indeed.

Is this really necessary?

Probably not...
Will erase self curation from my mind and use it better through Hive...
Thanks for opening my eyes and you support of course.

Every portrait tells a story, love how you captured life as it happened through your lens.

@tipu curate

Thank you madam!
Did my best, but the true heroes were the people.

Thanks for the TipU nomination, even though it was already there :)

Expression of people tells a story in itself.

UPVOTED AND REHIVED! These are great! I feel that you captured the culture of these people extremely well!!!

Thank you.
That was my goal and I am glad I succeed through your eyes.

You're very welcome

You are not only taking excellent photograph of LANDSCAPE but PEOPLE/PORTRAITS also.Those pics very beautiful & touched

Nice to see you checked all that photos. There are plenty of them, so you had to take your time :)

Wow! These are great portraits. Especially the last photo in the Ethiopian group impressed me.

I also like that photo a lot. It was hard decision if it should be cover photo or not, but at the end I choose the other one.

The photos are all great. It's really hard to decide. :)

I am just lost for words with all these portraits but i can think of a few ...outstanding , unbelievable , astounding , superb , astonishing just love them all and they all tell a story in the way you have captured them great work @crazy-andy 👍👍👍

Haha, that is too kind again.
You are giving out so many compliments...
I am glad you enjoy my collection and yes, there are many many stories behing all these photos. Great people lives all around the World.

Your welcome @crazy-andy and yes there are many great people all around the world whether poor or rich and you found some real genuine people on your travels 👍

Wow, you've got some really nice Portraits here. I like the last picture of the old man and the two children huging each other on the picture before it the best.

Indonesia offers so much!
I am not surprised you choose that photos to be your favorite.
It was a joy capturing all that moments with my camera.

Thank you very much for bringing such beautiful diversity with your wonderful portraits @crazy-andy ! Love them all ❤️

You are most welcome Barbara.
I am glad you like them and that I received so good response on this post.
We are all different so it is great to create a compilation and just look at the mirror and say how beautiful we all are as a humans.

Just magnificent portraits all so sharp and all with a impressive story in the background great job man 👍

Thanks man.
Another positive comment here.
I am glad you all like my portraits. I have many more on stock, so will definitely share them in the future.

Thanks man!
I am glad to see your work in the community. You have a lot to show.
See you around...