My First Business Seminar Photography Gig

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A few months back I was asked to photograph a business seminar where the speaker was being flown in from out of town. I was really excited to do this to see if I could pull off what my client wanted and it was something new that I’ve never tried before.

I jotted down a list of the important things to capture based on our conversation of what she was looking for.

She wanted me to make the event look bigger than what it was. Meaning no blank spaces or gaps but fill in the frames with people. I needed to make sure I captured photos of interested faces, listening ears and attendees writing down notes. The advertisement of this event needed to help bring in more people and to do so the photos had to show it was worth their time to come.

What you won’t see here are images of the actual slideshow I took. Since this was a paid event I’m not allowed to show those. I took images of the speaker in front of the screen as he was teaching as well as shots of the screen alone showing information.

First I’ll show you the other two shots I took of people writing down notes showing their interest…



I wanted to get some that showed only their arms and backs and then a few that shows more of their smiling (as in the cover photo) or in deep thought faces.

Next I’ll show you the photos I took of the speaker while he was teaching or listening to the questions…




My goal was to capture some of his expressions when he was really getting into his presentation. He was also a good listener and made sure to answer everyone’s questions very clearly. Many people felt he did really well and was a wonderful presenter.

Lastly I’ll share the photos of the audience when everyone’s attention is on the speaker…





This was the first time I used our wide angle lens in order to capture everyone in the seminar. Of course I have a lot of work to do with more practicing as I am not yet sure how to get those black corners out of my photo 😅. I’m open for tips, tricks and suggestions if you fellow photographers have any.

I didn’t have to make the event look bigger than what it was because it was such a great turnout with lots of people there.

I love the learning in all of this as it’s fun for me to get out there and try new things and better my skills all at the same time.

My client loved the outcome and was able to use these for her next seminar advertisement. Yay!! 😃😁

Here’s a glimpse of the ad she used…


I love sharing these milestones with you. You were there at my very first photography gig and it’s pretty awesome being able to share my learning and growing journey with you. 💗

As of right now we don’t have any more events lined up. We do have a family photo session with our extended family soon but of course that’s on the house. This photoshoot will be done due to the request of my mother.

Looking forward to doing another session to share with you ~

Thanks for Your Love and Support ❤️


Wow... permit me to call you a professional photographer 😂

This is beautiful, neat Job👌❤️
Take a look at this woman again 👇👇


This shows your professionalism ma 🥰
I love the way you targeted her when she was all ears to the speaker 😂

In fact, all the shots proves your fast growth on this skill 👏

Weldon and keep doing your best.

Thanks for always sharing your job with us.

See you next time ma 🥰👍

Hahaha thank you @nkemakonam89! I wouldn't mind if you do. 😄😆

I appreciate you seeing the details and admiring my work. It was fun finding faces and expressions that stood out to zoom in on. I'm grateful I was able to do this event.

Thanks always for your comments and support ~ 😘

It was fun finding faces and expressions that stood out to zoom in on.

Of course I can relate to this 😂👍

Thanks always for your comments and support ~ 😘

It's a pleasure ma😘

Hi @crosheille,the speaker managed to capture the attention of the audience, and with the shots you did a great job capturing the expressions of joy and attention of those present, photo number 2 is great, the very smiling girl taking her notes and the boy happy to listen to the speaker.


Hi @belkyscabrera! Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. The second photo was one of my favorites. I’m glad to know you liked it as well. 😊

Thanks so much for the visit and response to my work ~

I like the shot of the lady in red taking down notes, she is enjoying the session so much and her expression says it all. I like the shots of the other people paying complete attention to what's going on. Your photoshoot advertises the seminar very well. Well done.

Thank you @sofs-su! I think that shot is a growing favorite. 😍😃

Thank you for the feedback. I’m so happy to know my goal was met. Yay!!

You are so welcome. Happy thankgiving.

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well ~ 🤗

Everyone in the room looked very focused on hearing this talk.
I'm glad to see you taking pictures through the corners... Hehehe

Mission accomplished! That is exactly what I was aiming for. Thanks so much for the nice feedback ~ 😃

You're welcome @crosheille I'm glad to hear it.

You really did a great job @crosheille I live the expression of how serious they took the event with how everyone was looking and listening to the speaker.

Thank you @emeka4!

It's a pleasure

You did a good job portraying the seminar, some of these are really good, you intention was acomplished really well

Yay thank you! I so appreciate the feedback as it will help me for future events. Thanks so much for stopping by :D

Wow! it is your first time but you did it very well. I always wanted to learn photography but I don't have enough things to use maybe someday, somehow I can. Keep it up.

It's not my first photoshoot but first time doing this type of business shoot. 😉

Thanks for the compliment of my work!

If you can get your hands on a good DSLR you can do many things just with that. We don't have all of the latest equipment and gadgets but do our best with the camera we have. With practice and patience you can use any camera to get good photos.

Nice! Congrats.
What Equipment did u used for the Job?

Thank you so much! I used to add my camera info on but haven't done so in awhile. All we use is a Cannon EOS Rebel T6. It's an entry level camera so hoping to save up enough for an upgrade one day. We'd like to get better lighting equipment as well for indoor places that don't provide good natural sunlight and of course for night shooting.

Thanks for the visit it’s much appreciated ~ 😊